ZuPreem Pellets - Did they change?


Hi! Owner of a 17 year old green cheeked conure here who has been eating zupreem fruit blend for medium birds his entire life. Within the past few weeks he won’t touch any new zupreem bags. He even dumped a bowl of “bad bag” pellets out of his cage in protest. I went out and bought six different bags from different stores with different lots and he won’t touch a single pellet.

If we feed him some of the same pellets from an older bag he eats them eagerly. I found a reddit thread with a few similar reports. I've reached out to ZuPreem for comment but so far they've just been asking for information like lot#s, receipts, photos, etc. Just thought I'd post here in case anyone else is experience this.
Ooo not heard anything but I don't feed pellets.
Thanks for the heads up though always good to know
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Have you tried an ingredients comparison old bag to new bag see if that highlights anything? Or it could be a different supply of flavouring that's done it...
Sadly - we don't have the bag for the last bag he's eating. I found an older lot number at a local retailer but he won't eat that either and the ingredients are identical to the newer lot numbers. I wish I had an older bag/lot for comparison... :(
Quick scout around seems they are out of stock here in the UK must be awaiting a shipment
Maybe try another pellet hun for example TOPs or Harrison's, both organic, no colours etc, etc. Happily send sample of some Harrisons (super fine) if that helps? Won't hold breath on contact from Zupreem tbh.
Maybe try another pellet hun for example TOPs or Harrison's, both organic, no colours etc, etc. Happily send sample of some Harrisons (super fine) if that helps? Won't hold breath on contact from Zupreem tbh.
So far we've tried Harrison's (all varieties), Lafeber, and Roudybush as well as different ZuPreem varieties and sizes. No joy yet. The search continues.

I DID get a response from ZuPreem ... after submitting lot#s, pics and receipts:

Hello Josh,

Thank you for your prompt response. As a fellow pet parent, I know how frustrating it is when your little ones won’t eat the food they normally love and I am sorry for the disruption in Pumpkin's normal routine. Our Quality Assurance team confirmed that there have not been any product formula changes to FruitBlend for Medium Birds. Additionally, this product has passed all third-party testing and internal inspection testing before leaving our manufacturing facility for distribution. The visual and textural differences that you reported are likely due to slight variations in the mixing and extrusion process during processing. Please be assured that this product continues to be a safe and nutritionally correct food for your VIP.

Thank you again for taking the time to reach out to us regarding your recent experience as feedback from our consumers is so vital to ensure that we are providing the best product possible for our customers and their pets. As a courtesy, I have attached a $50 coupon for your next visit. This is a one-time use coupon that can be printed and provided to the store of your choice. Please note this can not be used for online retailers.

Quality continues to be a primary focus for us at ZuPreem and we appreciate your assistance in continuing to evaluate and improve our products and processes every day. It is loyal customers like you who allow us to continue to do what we love – helping pets live long, happy, and healthy lives!
At least you got a response but odd if it's just a different mixture as they say since its been fine until recently and you tried multiple selections. :thinking: some how that doesn't ring quite true.
In case it helps anyone - we've tried these from ZuPreem so far ... no luck ... the Veggie and Pasta are no surprise as he's never eaten them before...

ZuPreemFruitBlendMedium Birds5000267421 09:36 USE BY 07/06/2025
ZuPreemFruitBlendMedium Birds5000267421 09:40 USE BY 07/06/2025
ZuPreemFruitBlendMedium Birds5000273382 12:20 USE BY 07/21/2025
ZuPreemFruitBlendSmall Birds5000249040 08:14 USE BY 12/02/2024
ZuPreemFruitBlendParrots & Conures5000269345 07:51 USE BY 07/12/2025
ZuPreemVeggie BlendMedium Birds5000256977 14:08 USE BY 04/29/2025
ZuPreemPastaBlendMedium Birds5000263704 02:56 USE BY 06/24/2025
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