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Am I being thick but it says in big letters on the front of the pack sugar free but I look on the ingredients and it's got honey in it errrrr honey is sugar?

Michael Reynolds

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Yes this is why its not recommended but once in a blue moon should be ok, well some of the flock I have had a sweet tooth last week, I left some shopping on the side and for the first time one or more of the flock decided to chew into the package from both top and bottom not only that but I did not notice it at first and opened the fridge door so the loose sugar went every where. , the gang did look guilty


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The use the honey to help stick it all together
It's not so bad as refined sugars or those added sweeteners which are a massive no-no and as said once every now and again it ain't so bad :) gives their brains something to ponder on
If it makes you feel better my lot get one every now and again too. Somewhere on forum is a way to make your own. I used to make birdie biscuits every now and again and use a blob of honey in them, and Henni sometimes has to have honey on her open wounds she creates
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