Young kakariki sleeping on floor of cage...

Hi all, new to the parrot club!
I have a kakariki who’s under 6months old, and he sometimes sleeps on the floor of his cage?
during the day he’s wild, flying around scavenging on the floor and chirping away, speaking and whistling, but some nighta he chooses to sleep on the bottom of his cage, after he’s finished searching for food...?
Just wondering how many kaks out there do this or should I be worried?


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It's unusual but not unheard of. I had a cockatiel who I hand reared she always slept in the floor of her cage but she did have splay leg so found it more comfortable to do it.

Michael Reynolds

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you can try putting a flat platform perch up higher in the cage to see if your bird will fill safer resting on a flat surface than a perch or even better provide a nest box as it is what i recommend for kakariki (clown parrot) owners
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