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Hi all I was planning to visit tropicalbirdland but it was meant to rain all day so I I changed my plans and spent a lovely hour with a really nice lady, Who breeders and hand rears parrots who was recommended to me from a member on hear ..
All the birds were lovely and being able to handle a stroke some breeds I. Haven't met before has given me a much better idea of the bird that best suit me .
I visited with no true ideas on the parrot I wanted all I knew is I didn't want a grey or Orange wing Amazon .

From my research I was considering eclectus,, galah s, pionus, and another Amazon of a different species.

I was totally surprised at how small the galah s are I know they will still grow some but they full fledgling and starting to fly so probably close to full size and were stunning too look at and very friendly and for those that don't know there Feathers were lovely and soft .

I had the honour to meet and handly a wonderfully hyacinthinus macaw a total stunning bird but even at this young age a little large for me to be able to consider ever getting one but if I had the room they are a wonder.

I meet two lovely blue fronted Amazon's that I could of happily run off with they felt right in my arm and loved having a nice scratch and I feel I'm going to get another Amazon when the times right I loved all the birds but I just connect more with these lovely birds than any other I have meet to date I cannot explain or deny it .


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I am totally biased .... blue fronted amazons stole my heart many years ago when DizzyBlue came into my life after his passing I just couldn't even contemplate having another one ..... Couldn't bare to look at another. Then along came Alfie up for rehoming totally different in personality but still totally and utterly gorgeous, and that was it he moved right on in :)

I just love that waft of musky odour them emit when they try to romance you its a heady perfume that is wafted at their chosen one and only them its not constant just every now and then aroma. :hearts1:

It's lovely that you have a good time and got to handle and have a good look at different birds somehow it makes it a lot easier to decide on the species. Be warned though male amazons are a little more feisty than the females and come mating time when they are mature the morning ..... wail (all I can describe it as), and evening wail can be mind blowing loud but its just for a few minutes morning and bedtime.


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It was lovely I had been looking forward to visiting tropical birdland but planing or going Friday if wether is ok .

I was finding hard to know if I wanted another Amazon and was reading up on other species that might be a better match but having meet the birds i know the Amazon's stole my Hart when I was very young I grew up with a green cheek Amozon for the first 20 years of my life and my lovely orange wing has just strengthened that love of these birds


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Hello! Don't want to jump in your thread but
For anyone who has been what is tropical bird land like? I have wanted to visit for a while because it sounds like my idea of heaven having so many parrots around me 😂
Are the birds in enclosures? Can you get close enough to appreciate the birds? We have a place up near me with enclosures with a few macaws however they don't get you near the enclosure so you just view them at a distance which is a bit rubbish!

Don't expect to be handling them or touching them but just wondered if you can fall in love with every bird up close 😂
The boyfriend has said he will only take me if we do not leave with me asking for any of the parrot breeds that they have haha!


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I haven't been yet but they just to let you handle some birds in the past but due to current conditions but still looks worth a visit to me
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Hi you might like Lincolnshire Wildlife park which used to be called the parrot zoo you might like. To visit. Lots of parrots rehomed into large aviary by species you can Feed nuts to them but you can't get close enough to scratch them anymore .
There are a few free on stands that may allow you to scratch then but only the cockatoo was interested in me .
They also have tiger's, meerkats, lions,otters and a few others.
There is a large walk in Avery with parakeets in, that will mob you for treats lol .
They are currently closed but worth a visit when they reopen .


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Thank you for the reply!
Will certainly check that out, both are far from myself but as long as im going somewhere worth the day out i do not mind 😁


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I'm in grantham and I have a season ticket but I tend to spend only about 2 hours there when I visit but I like to support them as many are x pets and will talk to you and it's nice to know unwanted birds have this option .


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Sure i went to the parrot place your. talking about me an my children loved it loads of birds wanted a stroke threw the bars an when u walkedoff shouted to get you back was a really good day. Defo go friday if you get the chance.
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