Wish Me Luck!

sara+lacey mae

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pay day which means im off to shop at the famous scarletts...first time!

wish me luck i had a practise run last night and somehow 50quid ended up in my basket...and i hadnt finished looking! :shok:

could end up over run with parrot stuff and know where 2 put it all :laugh1:

also if anybody see's a java tree on any sites can u let me know please :biggrin: need 2 get lacey 1 but havent really got 200quid spare


Alice in Parrotland
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i had a practise run the other night lol and i ended up with about £120...... and i hadn't even added the thing that i went on there for in the first place!


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There is no limit to what you could spend lol..... just set a goal and then overspend like everyone else. Hell, beans from the tin won't hurt you for a month :thumbsup:


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Scarlett has some beautiful java trees, but can't get them posted here, cry cry cry .

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sara+lacey mae

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ok so didnt do 2bad...70quid i have looked in my basket and couldnt tell u a single thimg thats in there :laugh1: :laugh1: clearly stuff she doesnt actually NEED. spoilt birdy


Quiet as a Mouse
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thats not so bad. I always think once I get past £50 that I might as well get to £100 lol xx


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I tell my hubby I am just going to buy a couple of things, and end up with £150 worth of stuff in my basket.... Then he tells me to delete things!!! Not that I take that much notice of him.... I tell him I have deleted things whether I have or not!! Well you have to keep it over the £100 to get free delivery! Bet he wishes he had never given me his paypal details lol. :smile3:
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