Win 2 Aid Of Tips


A bit of fun but with a serious undertone, we all know how much TIPS and the birds need our support, so we thought we`d have a bit of fun doing so.

Scarletts Parrot Essentials are donationg these 2 original puppet company Macaw puppets, with macaw noise squeakers inside. They really are lovely, and nowhere near as noisy or messy as the real thing.

To win them you just have to buy a raffle ticket for £1, all entries go into a hat and the winner drawn December 20th..simple.

You can buy a ticker by sending £1 through paypal to [email protected]

You can ring up with your details on 01507 534850

or you can buy a ticket whilst doing your shopping online here

I hope you enjoy entering





Thought they might make people laugh, and if the winners birds reaction is anything like Harleys they could be a lot of fun!


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they look amazing! how cute, wonderful idea Scarlett, that's a beak I can handle!


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I would buy one but I want a written sworn statement  that you won't do a crafty swap over at the last minute and put 2 real macaws in the box......... :wink:


The Mother Hobbit
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Omg they're gorgeous, I will have to get some when I make my next order which will be soon :thumbsup:

This is a great thing to do for the sanctuary :)


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Well I've got my tickets :thumbsup:   thanks Scarlett like i said brilliant idea and for such a worthy cause too :flowers:
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