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"Our wild life and fawner photos", this will cover all part of nature and we may get some parrots from @Ararajuba and some interesting plants
Well, we saw a monkey in our garden (sitting in the ridiculously fast-growing acacia tree that is shooting up near the house) for the first time the other day. It looked disappointed not to find any fruit there though! There are quite a few around so they might show up more once our fruit trees have actually grown to a decent size and started producing. Normally we only see them using our back fence for a monkey highway, to travel between more interesting gardens filled with mature fruit trees! It had sloped off by the time anyone thought of going to find the camera in any case (battery was out of charge too when it was finally found, naturally).

Unfortunately the parrots, though noisy and regular guests, tend to be very shy and hate to have cameras pointed at them, or even see humans staring at them within a reasonable photography range (close enough to get a decent picture without a powerful zoom lens which we don't possess). So while we see quite a few species of parrots hanging around, sometimes even on our roof, including: Brotogeris parakeets, Mealy Amazons, B&G macaws, White-eyed conures, rare Yellow-faced parrots (this is one of the few non-rural areas where they can regularly be seen, to my knowlege), and wild parrotlets (which are very elusive and have only been spotted by the wife so far) - we have had very little success at photographing or filming them! Much easier to hear them, and see them flapping off squawking angrily once they realize the dreadful nosey humans are trying to spy on them. (I've heard macaws calling in the neighbour's gardens most days lately but not spotted any, and a few days ago briefly saw a trio of yellow faced parrots which had been hanging out on our roof take off and rapidly fly into the distance with loud alarm calls, the moment I stepped out through the door to see where they were.)

Most other local birds and various other creatures are at least somewhat easier to photograph than the parrots. I don't know what anyone here would want to see though - I think I've put one or two up previously of our friendly local kiskadee who likes to steal the dog's leftovers, and the burrowing owls who think they own the place.
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@DizzyBlue - I was just wondering - did you actually get round to making this subforum yet? I can't see it anywhere! Haven't taken too much lately myself but I noticed when going through children photos the other day that there are quite a few local wildlife photos from several years back on the old hard drive (which used to be the main hard drive on which all our photos were stored before the wife's old computer gave up the ghost). I might put a few of those up at some point.


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I did as much as I could but still waiting for member suggestions as to names of folders etc
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