Why deos one bird like me more than anotger bird at different times

Feathered Janique

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It seems that one bird likes me more than another for a while then it suddenly switches to the other bird?? Ex:
Quierido might like me alot for a month, and sprinkles doesn't seem as interested
The next month sprinkles likes me more and quierido doesn't as much
Can someone please help explain this behavior??

Michael Reynolds

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if only we hew what goes through birds minds, having quite a few feathered friends i have noticed that some of the flock do have there moments of getting closer to me and other times they will not be so interested. I have some that will want me all the time, i think that the best person whom my have an idea is @Roz, I know if I upset a flock member then they can sulk for a few days, hormones can also play its part in the relationship. my situation is different as my birds all have other birds they like better than me at times so each will have friends they will chose to be with


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Birds (and other animals) tend to move towards someone who is reinforcing/provides reinforcement. Maybe one of them finds what you did particularly reinforcing, then at another time the other one finds you particularly reinforcing?
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