Who says this


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I have a passing interest in 'firearms' (no, I'm not a nut job, honest)!

OK, my go I suppose....

Who says "Yes, I can hear you Clem Fandango!"

TomsMum - you cannot answer  :lol:


Oooh I know, sort of, I`ve seen it when we`ve flicked through the channels in the evening I think. Is it that comedy thing about that actor guy who is always depressed?

I don`t know the characters names though


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"Hello, Stephen. It's Clem Fandango ... Can you hear me?"  :laugh:

No more clues  :biggrin:  other than it's NOT Ray 'bloody' Purchase  :lol:
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It doesn't look like there are any other Matt Berry fans out there! 

The quote was from his character Stephen Toast - the programme Toast of London.

Matt played Douglas Reynolm in the IT Crowd, and the character Beef in Reeves and Mortimer's House of Fools.

sooo...... An easy one to get this going again :

"time for bed"
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