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Which Breed Would Suit My Household

Discussion in 'Parrot Chatter' started by angel_uk, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. angel_uk

    angel_uk Regular Member Registered

    So I am after some advice on suitable parrot for our household.Ive been looking through posts but thought best if i ask myself as everyone has different circumstances.
    there is few things that i am looking for in the bird and i hope you can point me in the right direction.

    Firstly weve got a budgie already and I know its not guaranteed but I would rather choose a bird that would be ok around kiwi when both let out of the cage and supervised.

    I am looking for one thats bigger than budgie( although I wouldnt really rule out a small one) , medium size preferably

    Noise is quite important factor , however with 3 kids i am not unfamiliar with it. Just would prefer one that can be trained and not have a very high decibel voice hehe.

    Weve got 3 children( two are older and like to keep to their own interest and one is near 2 years old) so would prefer a bird that is more soft natured and calmer around children. I know they all have different personalities etc and my children are supervised around kiwi . Still a parrot that can get one with all family members is something we would like.

    I would prefer a birdie that could talk. I know they might or might not but one that possibly could learn would be nice.

    I think we would be more interested in fun natured and active one but also if it can be one that likes to be petted.

    We dont have a crazy amount of space and i like to keep clutter to minimum so the medium size is as far as we would go.
    What else , oh yeah time......I dont work at the moment as weve got a toddler but when i will i am wanting to take weekends on. My husband has them off so we would have plenty of time and birdie wouldnt really be much on their own.

    Kiwi comes out a lot during day and i leave his cage open too for whenever he wants to pop out.
    I am doing research at the moment as want to pick the best breed for us and not just jump at it. Want to learn as much as possible and plan before i take any steps.

    I have been looking at green cheek conures and quakers( but quaker i am afraid might be too noisy? ), i looked at kakarikis and parotlets and linnies.
    Without sounding shallow i would like a cute and lovely coloured looking one that has a chance of learning to talk.
    Also my budget isnt very high so a parrot that costs good few hundred pounds would be too much im afraid.

    Hope you can give me some pointers and advice from your own experience.
    As i said im not set on any yet and want to read and learn as much as i can first.
    I am an animal lover and their happiness just as much as mine is very important to me. I am kind of person that feeds them and everyone else first before myself. Put their needs before my own.
    thanks in advance and im looking forward to hearing from you all
  2. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Guest

    Id recommend a cockatiel or two for your situation
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  3. angel_uk

    angel_uk Regular Member Registered

    i do like cocatiels my aunty had one when i was a child and they were very close with her.
    I know this will sound stupid but i was looking at more colourful ones from that point of view. I dont want to get one and think in few months or i shouldve picked other as its so much more bright etc.
    i feel bad saying it but just like when u pick a dog its not just personality but looks too you go for.
  4. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Hi I am pleased you are asking the questions before considering the species to get. nearly all conures can be a little nippy when they are young but I find they make good family friends and I just love them although if they learn to talk it will be in a croaky voice, I know cockatiel's are great in a family situation as well but my favorite is the King Parrot mind you they are not too common but lovely birds and do so well with young children around. I have had three that are very good talkers. other birds you may consider are the hand reared ringneck the myers parrot, But to my thought is no matter what bird you end up with its normally the bird that choses you that turns out the best.
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  5. angel_uk

    angel_uk Regular Member Registered

    are indian ringnecks constantly loud? also why is hand reared better than parent raised?
  6. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Ok with the ring neck and a family I have found that they settle far better to all humans around and are far less likely to be spooked by children running about like the parent reared birds can become. I have a few ringnecks and once settled they are not calling that much and also you will find you have a good chance of teaching speech with a young bird that has been reared by humans or from just weaned.
  7. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    They can be loud and parent reared are likely to not be as tame. Not sure it and a budgie would get along to be honest, of cours eyou cannot guarantee any two birds will be able to be allowed out together.
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  8. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Ringnecks and budgies do not mix but also they are fine with each other, not only my flock but a few of my friends have them in the same aviary and have no problems. They are not vicious to other birds and in fact my four Dobby is with Charlie a orange winged amazon Bella likes Oliver a DYH amazon, Pip Likes Alan and even feeds him and alan is a disabled OW amazon and Joe Jo likes Lucky my Blue crowned Conure, the budgies often sit near to my ring necks, yes they can be loud at first but they are not normally load once settled in apart from they will call when they are flying about.
  9. sunnyring

    sunnyring Regular Member

    cockatiel- you can get some fantastic coloured ones these days, pure white, bright yellow all over or pied. and it won't kill/main your budgie. ringnecks- lovely birds but o my can they be relentless and loud. would not trust any of the other parrot type species near a budgie either.
  10. angel_uk

    angel_uk Regular Member Registered

    Cockatiels won't talk though and we'd rather pick one that could. I don't really have to let both birds out at the same time do I? I will got 2 dogs and a cat and they are never in the same room when kiwi is out.
  11. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Budgies (usually the male) talk as do cockatiels, but of course not guarantee any bird will talk. One of my senegals said twice in his 22yrs 'good morning give me a kiss' and never said it again!
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  12. CaptainHowdy

    CaptainHowdy Regular Member

    Cockatiels can talk. Male generally rather than females.

    Most other species will not be suitable to be around your budgie. Parrotlets are a no go as you can not let them out around your budgie. They also have a very piercing call.

    Ringnecks I would not suggest for your situation.

    If I can be completely honest if the main thing you want in a bird is one that is pretty and can talk then you need to rethink getting another bird.

    Budgies come in all sorts of beautiful colours as do cockatiels and both can learn to talk. They also get along with each other in most situations.

    What else are you looking for in a bird?
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  13. angel_uk

    angel_uk Regular Member Registered

    It's not just a talking and pretty looks. I'm looking for playfulness and bond and for interaction with all family members. For fun and companionship and affection. Id like them chatty and singing and responding back when you comunicate.
    Generally a good companion that would love to spend time with us and make us laugh playing around and spending time around us when out of cage.
  14. angel_uk

    angel_uk Regular Member Registered

    I was thinking initially about another budgie but I want to try teaching kiwi to talk and form a bond. All due to the circumstances that arrised.
    And if I got another one then there is little chance he will talk and carry on getting bonded to me or other members.
  15. JessCheekyMia

    JessCheekyMia Regular Member

    Cockatiels can talk. I had a male and I have a female. My male was more chatty than Elsie.
    If you want chatty, singing and responding back when you comunicate then budgies already do this. As you should know as you have a budgie. It may not talk like a human but they still communicate in their own ways.
    Not all parrots talk!
    I don't mean to be rude but you wanting a colourful, talking and a medium parrot is for all of the wrong reasons. You need to realise you may buy the dream bird and he/she won't end up talking, bonding with you etc.
    All that matters in a parrot is that they are happy and healthy.
    Most parrots end up bonding with one person then hating the rest. They choose their partner not you. Lots of people end up rehoming their parrots because of this.
    I would suggest a cockatiel as they love socialising in large groups. Mine loved all members of my family and my word I was given so much joy from my tiel Cheeky. He had me laughing and we snuggle up together, and head rubs had to be given most of the day lol.
    Have a good think and read up some more as parrots are a huge commitment and have special needs that need to be given.
  16. angel_uk

    angel_uk Regular Member Registered

    Maybe I didn't put enough of words out here when asking for advice.
    I appreciate all the help and ideas of course and take it all in.
    I dont think I want parrot for all the wrong reasons.
    What are the right reasons ?
    If not wanting to give bird a good happy home where he/she could live and play and be comfortable and have people that would care for it?
    I have a budgie yes but he doesn't chat back to.me and isn't playful and I still love him and look after him the same way.
    I would never think of giving him up.cos he is the way he is.
    I'm just looking for a different kind than he is. So more play and more chat.
    I am probably the most self absorb person and I would always tend to the needs of my pets and family before I see to mine. To.the point I would not go toilet if I needed to.let dogs out first and feed them.
    I don't see how I am looking for a bird for the wrong reasons.
    Wanting a good "pet" to care for and love and look after the way they need to be looked after is my opinion the right reasons.

    Oh and I don't mind if they don't learn to talk but I would like that to be a possibility.
    And my dogs are bonded with me but friendly with everyone else and that's not a problem.
    Yes if bird would bond with my husband that is fine. As long as I can care for it as I'm home most of the time and be able to interact with the bird. It's what I am wanting.
  17. Ararajuba

    Ararajuba Regular Member

    Just to say a bit about conures, with particular focus on some aspects that relate to your situation:

    Ours show no interest in our budgies whatsoever (the budgies were acquired fairly recently) and virtually ignored them even when their cages were side-by-side for a while. The only real reactions they have ever had to the budgies were, firstly, that they occasionally became nervous when they fluttered in their cage (they don't like other birds flying and flapping for some reason), and secondly, the more dominant one sometimes did a head-bobbing display at the tamer budgie, when I took him out and showed him to her. They've never actually been out at the same time (the conures love coming out, but the same cannot be said for the budgies), so I don't know what would happen there. In general it's something I wouldn't want to risk as conures have quite powerful beaks for their size, and I have no reason to expect them to want to be friends on present evidence. One lunge from the larger conure would do some serious harm to a budgie.

    The conures can both talk, but one has never talked all that much (despite being the first to learn) and seems not to bother talking at all any more. The other, although she knows a number of words and phrases, mostly only says "Birdie!" when she is in a bad mood or showing off; occasionally when very excited she will say "What you doing?", or just "Doing, doing, doing?". As has been said, they have rather croaky, low-pitched speaking voices, fairly different to the more whistle-like high-pitched voice of a budgie or cockatiel. Unlike budgies and cockatiels, there seems to be no difference in speaking ability between males and females. They have always had a tendency to speak in context (when they were using larger vocabularies), to learn sounds that they like (not ones we try to teach), and to speak when they feel like talking, to express themselves. They do not seem particularly interested in having conversations when humans want to talk.

    The conures seem to get on well enough with our toddler daughter, although they have not had a huge amount of direct interaction as yet. They do however get nervous when she plays wildly, screams, or waves toys in the air. The budgies seem a lot more tolerant of this kind of behaviour and rarely react. The conures have landed on her head a few times when out - she typically gets surprised, then starts laughing, whereas they soon seem to decide she is boring and fly off.

    Conures are generally very high energy birds compared to cockatiels and budgies, can be quite demanding of human attention if they are tame ones, and ours need a lot of interaction when out of their cages to keep them occupied, or they are prone to problem behaviour, particularly nipping/biting to get attention. One of ours will also bite people she doesn't know or has taken a dislike to, hard enough to draw blood. They enjoy playing and can be quite toy-oriented. I almost never see ours sitting quietly on their perches and chattering like budgies and cockatiels will - they are either playing, galloping or fluttering around, eating, destroying something, displaying and dancing, or pestering for attention. When they want attention or notice something they have a strong opinion on (such as the sound of running water) they will scream quite loudly and persistently at times, although they are otherwise fairly quiet. When out they want to spend almost all their time glued to me (or another human that they like, if they are allowed), and I then have to keep them occupied by giving them treats or finding things for them to play with, or they (especially the bitey one) will start to get nippy.
  18. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    I have a male and a female cockatiel that talk the female is the best talker
  19. angel_uk

    angel_uk Regular Member Registered

    Thank you. I do appreciate all your help.
    Just hypothetically since so many of you have years of experience with different breeds. If I did get a cockatiel to live in separate cage,same room as budgie would he he bond more with him and not carry on bonding with me( he is still working on being comfortable )?
    And would he just pick up from cockatiel and forget what I'm teaching him?
    Also would it be same with the tiel?
    I know you said they might not be bothered with eachother but how likely would that be?
    I wouldn't want to give up on all the work and bond we've achieved with kiwi.
    Thank you
  20. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Maybe keep up the bonding with Kiwi for longer. Should you get a cockatiel or whatever bird it would best to get a hand reared one, that way it will be used to humans. It is pot luck to be honest whether they would be bothered with or by each other. But with time and patience you can work together with them.
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