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Lisa pls don't just take Aubrey take them all!! :biggrin:  whatever species you decide I agree they will need to be living in the room with you they will want to be part of whats going on and part of the flock, they are great species full of fun and mischief, into everything so very affectionate and loving, independent and happy to play by themselves but love it when you are around and the one thing I particularly love about conures is that they are real family birds and go to everyone I think Caiques are similar in that respect but don't have first hand experience of them

here are some of mine

these are my 2 yellow sided conures

conure time 012.jpg

cinnamon conure on the left (Aubrey) normal green cheeked on the right

Noah flying 019.jpg

jenday conure

birdies 030.jpg

crimson bellied conure

birdies 099.jpg


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ALL?  :shock:

Although she would miss her little flock- maybe I could take the 4 little ones lol
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