What About Meeting Up!


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Hi guys!

The parrot world is really big and very interesting. Those of us who are interested in birds and in providing the best for our animals are always looking for new and good information. So what about we start to think about to meeting up with people who share the same interest?

I would love to meet people that talk, learn and teach new information about the parrot world.
What do you think about it?

Tulio :budgie:


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A lovely idea but practicality wise a little difficult
The problem is we are all over the pace from the far reaches of bonny Scotland to the bottom tip of Cornwall all the way over to Greece, USA, Spain, France, etc etc don't think there is any large grouping of any of us in one area.

Michael Reynolds

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The closest we got to meeting many of the members was a few years ago when quite a few of us got together It was a brilliant day but as has been said we live all over the place.


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Sounds good but we are all so far apart. This is why the forum is so successful because it let's us all talk together, however I'm sure if your near any members that you might be able to meet sometime.
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