Welcome Lucky!!!


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This is Lucky. I believe she is female. We adopted her from a friend of a friend that could no longer keep her happy. Her mate had passed away, and her cockatiel friend had also passed. In an attempt to help out a fellow feathered friend, I brought my birds to her house to introduce them and perhaps they might become friends after a few more visits. Our friend asked if we could care for her in our home for a few days and see if her condition improved. After only a few days here, she has not only improved. She has blossomed. She stepped on our hands after only three days, and made friends with Aurora. She has got something against Cheekie, though. She will chase him around until he flies back to the cage! She loves Aurora's cuddle hut, and Aurora loves to share it with her. She thinks its so awesome that she likes it, too! She will start dancing, and singing! I think Lucky will be very happy here, and we all adore her already!

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