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Weekly chat room quiz night

Discussion in 'Other Competitions' started by Toggsy, Jan 13, 2016.


Which would work best

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  1. Toggsy

    Toggsy Regular Member

    We have the chat room facility but hardly anyone uses it thought it would be a nice idea to try and get a weekly quiz night  going.

    How it would work is an agreed time and day for the quiz to  begin and commence.

    Then a series of questions will be posted and allotted time to be given to reply, the first person to reply with the correct answer in the allotted time will get the point.

    So at the end of the quiz the person with most correct answers  will be the winner and the quiz master for the following week.

    In the event of ties, a tie breaker question will be posted and the first person to reply with the correct answer wins

    So when your setting out your quiz please allow one question for a tie breaker 
  2. Nigalius

    Nigalius Madras Regular Member

    I am normally free around my voted time and would take part in a quiz night. My preferred time would be quite latish but at that time there is not too many people on here and therefore perhaps many are in bed. I like the idea of the quiz a lot but think the hardest thing would be finding out a time to suit the majority of people. Its good that you have made a vote to help get the best time.
  3. Nigalius

    Nigalius Madras Regular Member

    I picked Friday and Saturday night as those nights people might tend to go to bed a bit later.
  4. Toggsy

    Toggsy Regular Member

    I'm not sure if Scarlett's would be interested in doing a monthly sponsored prize is the lotto still going ?
  5. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    The problem there Toggsy is that those wishing to just chat about other things and the speed that chat gets upto when there are quite a few in there would make total confusion.

    Plus life with parrots just doesn't always make it easy for peeps with flocks to be somewhere at a specific time, add to that some members would worry about if they got a question incorrect and although we don't allow repercussion to overflow anywhere as we are all learning.  I say that because science is forever advancing and things changing. We did have a quiz section on site using the software that we have but think we dismantled it as it wasn't used much. Some of the members we have on here are from the older generation and a wealth of experience with birds and bird keeping but have issues with technology so would be excluded if it was held in there. Add to that if a newbie came onto site requesting help urgently with a bird then its all hands on deck and begger the quiz.

    If members loose connection in quiz are then their screens are wiped clean and they end up joining the conversation further down the line having missed things....  Hence we don't use chat for such things.

    As for the lotto it was an Admin & Mod decision to leave the lotto for a while not Scarlett's, she does more than enough on and for the forum at different times which we greatly appreciate. From time to time we run other things when we feel its time to have another competition.

    You did also forget to add the option for people who wouldn't wish to participate,  :dntknw:

    I know your enthusiastic and just wish for everybody to have a good time  :thumbsup:  none of the above is meant in a detrimental manner - its just other additional information and considerations to think about is all.  :hi:
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  6. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Its a good idea Toggsy but unfortunately I rarely use the Chat as am always busy with other things, so its not something I would be able to participate in.
  7. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I occasionally use chat, e.g. To offer guidance when someone has a birdie problem, or if I spot a member who has perhaps been poorly, I'll pop in to see how they are...other than that I don't have the time, as am busy with my own flock, household duties, and keeping things ticking along on the main site.

    I can't quite get how it's going to work logistically, but guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as it were......when you do get to the point where you have a cunning plan to launch, please make sure you run it past Bob first.
  8. Toggsy

    Toggsy Regular Member

    Good points raised by all , its just idea I'm running  yes I know everyone has busy schedules but thought it would be a good way of bringing the forum community together and also encourage newbies to join it 

    The birds always come first without question.

    Having taken on board what has been mentioned  with certain members having technical issue another idea I had which I've seen work well on other forums is "An interview with ......" 

    Each week in member is chosen and the other forum members have one question  to ask them,  like when they got their first bird what's their favourite bird .

    Now this would work across both platforms
  9. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    We're all for encouraging participation and being "attractive" to Newbies......

    points to remember -

    we we are primarily about birds...and the social side is a secondary thing ( we are not Facebook nor Twitter!)

    run it past Bob

    If we go ahead:

    needs to be homed in the members area, so not visible to guests

    some people may not wish to be "chosen" and some may not wish to answer a particular question - so folks can join in if they desire and no come backs if they don't wish to; respect people's privacy.

    shouldn't get too personal, never be offensive, etc

    need to remember we have junior members
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  10. Toggsy

    Toggsy Regular Member

    Of course it goes with out saying respect and privacy at all times a quick PM to intended interview the week before by a moderator  if they decline you choose someone else

    The interview could last the week on seperate sub section in the members area, then at the end of the week the thread gets closed ready for the next interview I've seen this work  and work really well.

    As additional thought and suggestion we could even do an interview with our birds which would be light hearted and specifically aimed at our junior members