Wednesday 7th April 21


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Morning all, a fair old frost this morning, hopefully will get a bit of sunshine later. Had my 2nd jab yesterday, no ill effects, they do say it is unlikely to feel any effects from 2nd jab as your body has already reacted to the 1st one. Hopefully @dianaT your and you daughter's 2nd jab will be reaction free fingers crossed
Was up at 4am this morning from back pain, i stubbornly didn't take an amitriptyline pill as i am not into pills but will deffo take one tonight, I need to sleep and the ;pill is the lessor of two evils grrr.
I had a call from a young girl from NHS telling me that with regard to my spinal problem I can choose from two hospitals to get a consultancy, I explained that i have already chosen one of them and have received a letter confirming my referral, she was obviously unable to compute this and that she will write to the hospital and i will get a letter from them in due course !!! I suspect this is a result of my doctor writing to them recently urging for a speedy resolution and they seem to be treating this as a completely new referral, oh well, I will just leave it at that, I just cant be bothered to try and sort it out right now.
More tea lights today, at least I can stand up without discomfort.
Haver a good day folks, some sort of normality beckons..


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Good morning Beaky and everyone a dull drizzly one here. Sorry to hear your back pain has stopped you from sleeping. Typical of the hospital to get GP letter wrong and likely treating as a new referral, I have a feeling that's what's happened re hubbys 2 new knees, many days he can barely walk but it's not seen as an urgent! I have to say I wish they could suffer the same before they make that decision.

Tesco shopping coming Thursday this week instead of today that's got me confused (yes I know it doesn't take much).
Must got and inspect the lawn later and see whether the remedy used has worked!

Enjoy the day folks.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Shopping today, too many people around though so rushed round to get away asap

Nice to see the trees and hedges all greening up, and fields covered in buttercups on the way to town.
Have a nice evening.


Agent Scully
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Cold day today here but the snow has mostly melted and the sun has been out.

Made this abacus yesterday as Ollie's old one was his favourite toy but a bit small for him

Its not too shabby considering I dont have much in the way of tools at my flat. I just used old dowels and willow perches to make the frame then smaller dowels as well for the middle parts. I didnt use any glue or screws. Instead I made little wooden dowels to hammer into the holes i drilled in the frame to hold it together. I made them out of bamboo chopticks 🤣 my dad has decided that I need a tool box now and was rather impressed by my resourcefulness


Ollie says hi to everyone and he hopes you all had a good day
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