Wednesday 4th December

bikergirl Carol

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morning all. I managed to get here this morning. its a bright sunny cold day here. the car is frozen but not a lot. burdies are chattering. the wild ones are enjoying the seeds and nuts hanging from our trees. im off to work soon so a long day today. i wont get home until after 10 tonight. christmas prezzys wrapped and ready to send, i just have the cards to write.
Safe day everyone x


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Good morning everyone, no frost here today but still cold. Yes the wild birdies definitely enjoying to foods put out.
A long day at work for you today Carol.
I keep putting it off but really must do some cake baking, lemon sponges I think, so off to the kitchen shortly.
Keep warm and safe folks.


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Afternoon folks. Overcast and drizzly here, and damp cold, which I hate as 7 degrees feels a lot colder than -7 when it is lovely, crisp and frosty. Give me the latter any day!

I am pleased to report that, after a night in the bird room at the vet (where he was carefully looked after and checked on throughout the night) Frodo is back home and pretty much fully recovered.😁 He's on a course of antibiotics, and we're awaiting the results of the other blood tests, but he's back to his old self, scarfing food and being a comic. I think catching it as quickly as we did made all the difference. Will keep an eye on him though, just in case.

Now that my mad project is finally on track and only requires some gentle management I'm starting on bids for new projects. Needs to be done, but I just feel like I want to be on leave now. Soon!

Have a lovely day y'all.

Michael Reynolds

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Good afternoon, well I have not been out side to check on the weather but I believe it is dry. having another quiet day I hope, got the hospital tomorrow morning for a full check on my face and redressing so I may be missing for the morning, birds are a little quiet at the moment. keep getting what fills like a runny nose, I know there is nothing running its just my old nerves giving me the strange sensation. I will not get a new nose for Christmas and it looks like it may be in January. hope to find out the next stage of my recovery tomorrow. may see how my blood pressure is, hopefully it will be normal. I have lost just over a stone since the cancer was discovered but I hope my weight has settled as well. still getting a slight bleed but nothing I am worried about. will have to get some more paracetamol tomorrow as i am on my last eight. I am pleased Frodo is back home lets hope the results are good. have a good day every one.


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A little bit cooler (mid 20s) and overcast today, so we will probably be getting clouds of mosquitos or clouds that produce thunderstorms showing up and disgorging their contents everywhere any minute. We managed to miss whatever the climate has in store for us by popping out to the local shops this morning, and also picked up a nice solid stone mortar and pestle that we saw in the plant shop next to the mini-market. It`s only soapstone, so can be damaged if mishandled, but will probably be a lot better at grinding hard spices etc than our old wooden one. I also saw a nice big pitcher plant in the plant shop, which I was tempted to get, if only for some assistance in keeping down the local flying insect hordes! Does anyone have experience with these? Are they hard to grow and care for?

Lots of new pampas grass springing up around the main garden gate and where we park the car - it seems to really like this rainy weather. I need to pull them up soon (at least they can be pulled up at the present size, unlike the large patch on the other side), or they will soon take over up there completely and we will have to hack away up there with a machete just to clear a path to get the car in and out. The ones I didn't pull up a week or so ago have grown the best part of a foot, and there are plenty of new ones pushing their way up too! I pulled a few plants while going out to retrieve the shopping, and collected some nasty scratches all over my arms in the process. I hadn't realized that small pampas grass plants could do so much damage! At least I know what is causing the scratches I keep getting every time I work in the garden lately, as they were the only thing I touched out there today (was wondering if they could be the culprits). Oh well, more material for the compost heap! I think it's turning into a lizard breeding factory judging by the number I've seen hiding in there lately - I want to move it soon, but not sure whether I ought to if it's full of lizard eggs (we want plenty of huge lizards in the garden, to help keep the bugs down).

Dido just threw a huge tantrum because I dared to change her water, screamed continually like a demented seagull, and viciously attacked the container through the bars when I bought it back, all ruffled up and shouting "Birdie, Birdie! Peeeew!" (her war-cry in such circumstances). While she was still trying to bite through the solid metal of the spout, I asked her politely whether she wanted a scratch on the other side of the cage. She immediately hopped over and accepted a scratch perfectly calmly, without any attempt at biting, the furious rage in which she had been for the last couple of minutes completely forgotten within about 2 seconds. Birds... :bird_brain:
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