Wednesday 21st October


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Good morning a wet one down here.
What a morning. Glossop flew on to Chicks cage to try and bite him, Arthur was sick on the carpet and so on..... while this was all happening Boxer was in the kitchen with hubby to 'help' him eat his cornflakes ( well Boxer prefers a nut). Update - Sennies back in their cages, and Moustached Parakeets out, Chick chases Pip his dad so Pip takes himself back in to his own cage for breakfast so now only Chick is out, but me thinks he will be going in shortly.
I need a coffee.


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Sounds very active at yours this morning @dianaT
Morning peeps
Wet and very drizzly soggy damp here looks to be set in for the day as well :/
Ginger blob is very unimpressed as the female feral cat took her kittens into my garage this morning so I took food in for them which magically evaporated into them. They stayed in there for a good hour or so while the worst of the rain passed through and I saw her and the young uns in tow about half an hour ago heading towards the farm down the road probably the barn will be their destination to play in the hay and straw.
Not got a lot planned today with the weather being rubbish. So going to get some cleaning up done .... and as with Diana its probably going to involve parrots saying they are helping when they are really causing more mess lol
Stay safe peeps and warm and dry :)
Hi all, dry cloudy day so far. Got some errands to run then the birdies will be out helping me with my chores (I'm sensing a theme here) :lol:. Chickens are already out doing the gardening, who needs grass!! I much prefer ripped up plants and bare soil... more of a "lived in" look. :oops: Can't really be helped until their new day spa is finished to try an alleviate the sogginess of their own run!
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