Wednesday 21st July


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Good morning, up at 5.20 today and it was cool really nice and cool but now...I feel the temperature rising (as the song goes).
The gardening chaps are booked to come today no idea when they will arrive but did think they may have been quite early before the heat of the day gets going. Also Tesco shop coming so a lot of tooing & froing here.
Parrots all cleaned fed and had a short time out now backin eating so windows, doors all open.
Enjoy the day safely folks.


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Good morning!

Up with the birds and got them all sorted, mum and dad are going to the coast today to visit family so i am watching their dog.
Bo is obsessed with poppy! He shouts of her over and over and over again, he loves dogs and sits lower in his cage to watch any dog and whistle them. I have never allowed him out with any dog, because although i trust poppy with my life i can’t guarantee the bird won’t scare her and the potential outcome is not worth it! She is a Rottweiler and the softest teddy bear who loves everybody and everything, Bo copies her bark! And repeatedly says ‘mum i want one’ when she’s here hahaa!

Bunny is having a small issue of flies, she is an indoor bunny and some tiny tiny little flies seem to have taken an interest in her litter tray in her bedroom due to the heat! Luckily we caught it in time, we clean her litter tray out daily too!

Living room is red hot again this morning, don’t want to jinx anything BUT we have a bit of cloud this morning meaning cooler air... YES!
Won’t last very long no doubt!

Going to crack on cleaning the birdies and then will walk three houses and collect the dog! Have a good safe day all!
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