Wednesday 17th November 2021


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Actually had half a day to myself today! So travelled north and met up with Bob for a spot of bird watching over near south gare.
Lovely day sunshine bright blue sky and a barmy 10 degrees
Got results back from the doctors for my bloods from last week .... hmmm so they have decided that the new statins just like all the others they have put me on aren't working properly my cholesterol that they were hoping to half from 10 down to 5 hasn't happened its under10 ... just!
The blood pressure tablets have stopped working as well so they have decided to change them as well.
So new blood pressure tablets they have told me have some bad side effects that I will get over hopefully in two weeks from taking them ... what makes me think I am a guinea pig????? Feels like taking tablets to counter act tablets that am taking to try and alter something that doesn't want to change?!?
But can't complain as they have prescribed 4moredifferent drugs to add to my mums list of 6 she is already taking. We're all going rattle at this rate!!

Anyways here some pictures from today :)

Goldfinch ... common but such a pretty bird

Marsh Harrier hunting for its lunch
Marsh Harrier.jpg

And there was a stunning little Stone Chat that kept posing so I kept taking its picture lol must have taken 50 of this bird it was so flipping cute!


Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Oh dear @DizzyBlue I hope the new tablets don't give you bad side effects.
Grey and chilly today and I realised that I was still wearing my grotty gardening jacket (splattered in the herbal tincture I'm giving to Sophie chicken) when I got to the a chilly shopping trip today.
Warmed up by raking leaves while Dora sat out of the breeze in the car watching me.


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Fingers crossed the new tablets help without unwanted side effects @DizzyBlue also that your mums help her a little too.
Lovely photos good you had a day out - well deserved.
Busy here as grandson just arrived for a few days, so I best go for now.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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I often walk around with bits of fluffy feathers attached to me or a good dollop of parrot poop on my shoulder :risas3:
I've sometimes noticed people looking at me oddly and found evidence of Dora's breakfast on my shoulder...........Sophie has a tincture of turmeric, liquorice, lemon balm and gentian which she has fuffed all across my front so it's even more obvious. 🤣
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