Wednesday 13th October 2021


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Evening all
Lots pink footed geese on the migration path with a flock of 1016 coming in across the North Sea in Sunday alone, since then there's been large flocks coming through in beautiful large V formations really high up travelling North West.
The red wings starting to arrive as well.I
Been a grey day today with light rain early this morning. Quite gusty at the moment and the early dark morning's and nights are really closing in.
My flock are all well and very noisy little Henni is being very demonstrative at the moment :rolleyes: if she isn't doesn't like something I am told so in no uncertain terms yesterday she snipped a few chunks of my hair off as it was obviously not to her liking just as well I am not really bothered that I look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards!
Finally Step dad got to see a doctor today and they think his arm pain is carpel tunnel related so they want him to have further tests. Now trying to get another horrendous sore my mum has sorted out taken a week to get a response to say the will ring next week to talk about it from the photo I have sent. Really annoying as they keep sending me texts to ask me to come for a flu jab that I have already had.
Need to make some more toys for the gang have lots of zoo max groovy blocks and slats to thread. Probably spend this evening doing it when the gang have settled down for the night.
Hope everyone has had a good day today.

Michael Reynolds

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Good evening all, been a mainly sunny day in Kent, I have also been working on making and repairing toys this afternoon, now i am trying to repair my henry vacuum cleaner as that decided to stop working, Managed to hover most of the rooms before it died, Birds have been fine today apart from Jackie as she decided that the kitchen floor was her space and went for a guest that went it the kitchen, something she has not done before, i am sure she will be laying soon. I cannot see how GP's can get away with out seeing people these days, trying to get a one to one appointment is almost impossible and even trying to get phone appointments is like winning the lottery . i hope you all had a good day
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