Wednesday 11th Sept


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Good morning
Boy did it rain and blow in the night had to get up & close window, seems to have calmed down a little now. Just as well as I have hairdressers this morning, mind weather if often like that when I have a hair appointment!
We had friends come for a meal last night lovely to see them again, I think they went home well fed plus clutching a chocolate cake.
Hope everyone and birdies are okay and you have a decent day.


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I will have to come round yours for a meal if I get chocolate cake !!!! Off out to a theme park for the kids today should be interesting. Post your parrot pics guys I'm missing my Luna terrible and need to see some cheeky birdies.


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Morning everyone. A bit windy here today and chilly. It's really dark when I get up just after 5am now. I have to tootle around by the light of my phone. I could ask Alexa to turn the light on, but I prefer to wake up in the dim instead [emoji846]

Ziggy is in total grump mode this morning having woken up on the wrong side of the perch. When I had them out she decided that I wasn't allowed to look at my phone and attacked my hand if I tried to pick it up. Then she started plucking herself, screeching and attacking Frodo, because it was apparently his fault she hurt herself! Back in her cage now plucking and screeching like a banshee. And yet she was so calm and lovely yesterday. Hardly plucked at all. She really is a moody little girl.

Better get to work. Have a good day everyone.

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Morning @dianaT . I forecast dry warm weather for the next week or so and you had lots of rain and high winds ha, Pembrokeshire is a different climate to Staffordshire obviously.
Sounds like your place is definitely the place to visit for a meal. Dry calm and warm here and off for a bike ride mid morning. I need to get the the hedge trimmer out in the next couple of weeks but I know robin stays along the hedge row so a bit hesitant about it but i am sure it will be fine.
My new venture of catching up with modern coding [Python] has hit the rails temporally as the text editor [Pycharm] has stopped showing the commend prompt i just get a message saying it cannot run on DOS what? i can get the the Windows and Python prompts below but not Pycharm in the main section grrr.
I did build a web site using HTML years ago but needed more knowledge of coding to make is viable so gonna find someone to help rescue my Pycharm.
Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Michael Reynolds

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good morning all, did not get a chance to post on the morning post yesterday, every time I started to get to the computer to post I had a knock on the door for helping my neighbours for one reason or another, I am in demand. after Monday's sad event I will be going to London soon, birds are all ok but the weather is not so good, have a good day every one


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Hmm, chocolate cake :p

Worcestershire - 15 degrees but it feels colder. The air is damp, the ground is wet, so it probably rained a lot overnight. The barometer is dropping which means a change for the worse. I didn't feel a thing last night. Slept right through until the body clock got me up to prepare birdy breakfasts.

I have a tune buzzing around in my head today. I don't know where I heard it, but it triggered some inspiration. Harp, piano, clarinet with string and brass counter-melodies. Light timpani rolls and a soft orchestral cymbal (or gong, can't remember). Basic but very nice. I'll quickly get it recorded then I won't forget it (as I often do). I'm not sure that I have a harp so I might have to make one. It will be a tight fit in the man cave :D I've played piano since before I could span an octave. I record and play around with just about anything that I can get a sound out of. For example, Frankie provided the source for a very impressive dragon roar in my Game of Thrones cover.


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Hi all
Hope all had a good day.
We are doing ok. Im a tad quiet as started new job on Monday and been so busy that there hasn't been any time to (fart), sorry, lol.
So far not got the sack. X


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So far not got the sack, what have you been doing? Keeping quiet and they have not got too know the real you :risas3::risas3::risas3:
I'm wonderful. Ppl don't know what they missing.:risas3:
They have no staff to train me so I'm waddling there trying to pick up some of the knowledge and not appear stupid too often.
I'm enjoying it. Had good days and a bad one too but I'll survive.
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