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Wednesday 10th October

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Nigalius, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Nigalius

    Nigalius Madras Regular Member

    Morning All...

    I feel shattered this morning, well I would do after only 5 hours kip. A couple of coffees and i'll be fine. Dawn is just breaking and when its lighter it wont be as dark. Ohhhh, I can see a silly day coming on. It was 17.3c when I came in here earlier and the forecast for today is pretty bright with a moderate wind.

    Both birds are fine and for the last hour I have been constantly kissed by Nacho. When he starts that there has never been a single time where he is the first to stop and now I look round at Roxy and surprise surprise, Roxy is preening. I know I have said it before but that is what he does 50% of the time. He is so gentle about it though, I have been up close looking intently and there is no sine of plucking. I wonder if anyone else's birds do the same kind of thing so much.

    I've had one coffee so far and already feel a bit better. I went to bed about 01.00 and got up at 06.00 and had a decent meal at 23.30 last night then I wonder why I dont feel 100% for the first couple of hours. Acid reflux is also playing up but its very mild and will disappear when I have taken my meds at 09.00. I might do another wash today, no sign of rain here and am sure I can find enough to fill the machine up. There was a new static put in the pitch next door to me, no one in it yet but I hope they are sociable, its always best to have good neighbours.

    Have a Great Wednesday Everyone


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  2. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Good morning folks,

    They forecast a sunny day here so we shall see, seem to have sea mist at the moment.
    Quick dash about this morning as off to hairdressers.
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  3. Yellowchickenparrot

    Yellowchickenparrot Regular Member

    Morning everyone dry but windy here. Got lots on as usual. Hope everyone has a good day.
  4. Ararajuba

    Ararajuba Regular Member

    Very tired this morning as I slept very badly and woke up early. I feel the cup of coffee I drank rather late in the evening yesterday (was necessary to get me to function at all by that stage) may have been the culprit! Baby L woke up at the crack of dawn and as usual didn't want a morning nap, so she got naughtier and naughtier until we were playing "pass the baby" for a while, because neither parent really wanted to have such a bad little girl for long! She's finally settling down now, with Mummy, so I hope she will nap for a while and behave MUCH better.

    Tessa hasn't been helping the situation - poor Sr Joel is out there trying to mix cement for our improved patio (and to fix her kennel, if he has time today), and she apparently has to bark at him near-constantly while he's in her line of sight. Not very restful, as she has a big, deep bark. Apparently barking at Sr Joel never gets old for her (it's like she has a personal grudge against the poor guy or something). I suspect he's scared of dogs (or at least, scared of her) and that she is picking up on this, which is making her worse. If I tell her off grumpily enough she stops barking enough to creep and cringe and wag at me for a while to show how sorry she is, but soon goes back to doing it.

    I took her out for a walk yesterday just as he was leaving, and was glad I'd fitted her strong harness and had a good grip on her lead before opening the door of her enclosure - she watched him depart with rather too much interest, and then decided she wanted to escort him out of the garden (I hope that was all she wanted to do), so she suddenly started whining and pulling on the leash with all her strength in an effort to go after him. Not a situation where you want the dog to get loose, given how she acts with him!
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  5. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    Can I make vegetable soup... Without blending but without lentils?
    I always make it with lentils but havent got any and no idea what the actual soup bit will be like, too watery with just stock?

    They're doing all the paths outside my house now, they did it up the road and have come back to do our bit now, hope theres no fumes, cant get my car out of the drive now either...

    Trying to cycle the new filter on the fish tank @Yellowchickenparrot could you advise please? Ammonia is 0.25 to 0.50 so im changing the water, but how long before the ammonia turns to nitrite?? If I keep taking it out will it ever move onto nitrite?
    Unfortunately having to do a fish in cycle since my filter broke and it took days for the new one to come, nitrite and nitrate is 0
  6. Nigalius

    Nigalius Madras Regular Member

    I take it that you dont wish to go out @Heather2131 to get any lentils, I use either pearl barley or vegetable broth mix with all different veggies in it. The temptation is to put too much in and the soup will finish up too thick. Those 2 items are my favourite for making a thicker soup.
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  7. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    @Heather you can add potato to the soup that will thicken it.
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  8. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    Yep, made it with potatos and added a bit of rice (is that weird? Its yummy) anyways it was delicious!
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  9. Yellowchickenparrot

    Yellowchickenparrot Regular Member

    Super sorry heather for late reply, there is no exact time scale unfortunately it normally takes about two weeks for the bacteria that consumes ammonia to grow and start converting it to nitrite then another type of bacteria will start to do consume the nitrite and turn it into nitrate which you then lower that level with your weekly water change. Ammonia and nitrite are harmful to fish but nitrate is ok at low levels like 10 to 35ppm in fresh water fish. Fish in tank cycling is not the best scenario as amonnia burns there gills and soft tissue just like a baby in a wet happy gets nappy rash and sores. There is products that clam to bind ammonia and turn it into another element that's not harmful to fish but I don't know how that would work when your trying to cycle a new filter. Sorry your having a hard time with the tank I have been through it as well but now with my marine tank I have to have a spare everything as 30min with out a pump or reactor running and things start to die . Good luck
  10. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    Wondering whether to put them in another container and change the water everyday so they dont get affected by ammonia
    Then just let the tank do its thing, I have to lower the ammonia I cant let them suffer but I bet it affects the cycle if im removing the ammonia.
    God I really dont want them to die, ive had so many fish die lately and one is a huge gorgeous oranda, its such a risk.

    Orrr..... What if I leave them in the tank but put the filter pipes into a bucket of water with that cycle start up ammonia stuff?

    Therefore fish stay in large tank and I can change the water all the time, but the filter can cycle seperately? @Yellowchickenparrot
  11. Yellowchickenparrot

    Yellowchickenparrot Regular Member

    You can run the filter in a bucket but it will need to be warm water if it's a tropical tank and you would need to add a food source for the filter to grow the bacteria like the filter start stuff or ummmmmm wee lol yes I have cycled a tank like this before ha ha. You could keep your fish in the main tank with just a air stone or something running and do daily small water changes to keep any ammonia down wile your filter grows bacteria in the bucket. The only thing I will say is when maturing a filter off tank you may grow to much or to little bacteria and it may struggle with the load when you put it on the tank or you may have to much bacteria and you get die back which can cause high nitrates etc but better that than the other I feel. Just be careful to de chlorine the water out your tap I'm sure you do you know that tap safe stuff that you put a few drops in the bucket before you pour it in your tank as untreated tap water can kill off bacteria in your filter and there is even bacteria everywhere in your tank so try not to disturb to much. Good luck I'm always up for talking fish so any probs just message.
  12. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    Thanks, I may just do that, ive got it as a coldwater tank, 4 nice sized goldfish in 240 litres so maybe a high bioload as they're messy fish
  13. Yellowchickenparrot

    Yellowchickenparrot Regular Member

    Yes gold fish are very messy, if it's a cold water tank you just need to cycle filter in cold water to. I hope things work out