Wed 29th

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning all, Sunny with some cloud in Kent, birds are quiet at the moment but that will not last long. had a problem with a leak from my washing machine that I hope I have sorted now, A small flock of ringnecks have taken over a cherry tree in on of my neighbours gardens I do not think Pringle is amongst them. have not seen him for over a month. I hope you all have a great day

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Sunny and warm, very few tourists in town today, 3 Dutch card and two people that i think we're English. Shops all quiet too, it's the first time i have ventured into the small shopped and chemist, but needed some suitable material to make more masks for friends.
My husband opened up the sunshade to find a tiny green frog about an inch long sitting in the framework and it hasn't moved so we are sitting elsewhere so it can move if it wants to.... don't want it to bake!IMG_20200729_135814.jpg


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Hes absolutely nuts! He makes the funniest noises ever 😂 and he has a glasweigian accent 🤣 he took to me soooo fast though. Stepped up straight away!
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