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As we know it's extremely hot right now I have fans on when birds are caged but what else can I do to keep my feathered baby's cool I'm not sure what's safe and not so wanted advice from others
(My dog was in vets due to overheating )

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just think of how wild birds would act in the very hot times of the day, first of all you will not see too many flying about to gather food, they do most of there feeding in the morning and evening whilst it is cooler, they have the shade of bushes and trees that they will hide in getting air around them even with little breeze, they mainly stay near a source of water, our birds are very similar, they eat in the morning rest during the day, if we are not around and eat later when it is cooler, during the warm times if they get hot they will stay put and rest, its best to have a gentle breeze to keep the air circulating, away from the sunlight coming through glass windows, close the curtain on the side the sun is shinning. provide plenty of water, you may find your bird will bath itself, if you notice that your bird is panting then it is best to increase the air circulation


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I have also been struggling with my two for the last couple of days.
My house gets sun all day, early morning to dinner time we get sun in the front then get approx an hour break where the sun is above the house and then the back garden until late night gets hammered!

I have made sure to close the blinds at the side of the house where the sun was at, kept the windows and doors open when the birds are secured and put a fan at the ‘cooler’ end of the house to circulate the cooler air.
I have sprayed down both birds twice throughout the day focusing on their feet as i was under the impression this helps them regulate their body heat (i could be wrong!)

Ice cubes in water to keep their water cool; although my grey wants to eat the ice all the time! I have also been struggling to keep the birds and their room cool, especially when the birds want to fly round the whole room over and over again!🤦🏼‍♀️

I have gone into the living room this morning and it’s 26degrees already in there, and that’s usually the coolest room in the house. Opened the windows and put the fans on to circulate the cooler morning air, any other advice will assist me also!


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Placing a large bowl filled with ice in front of a fan will help cool down your birds. The inside of my home once reached 32 degrees (90F) which made it difficult for my little parrotlet Trudy to breathe. She had started panting (so scary!) so I got the bowl filled with ice and placed it a comfortable distance from her cage. Fairly quickly it brought the room temperature down that she could breathe comfortably again. Such a relief!
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