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Weary Wednesday

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by mary, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. mary

    mary Regular Member

    Morning all, not a lot to say  I'm knackered, hope you have a good day :)
  2. KerstinB

    KerstinB Regular Member

    Morning Mary, morning all

    ready to go down sort brekkie for my lot, then work till about 2ish today

    still dark outside no idea how the weather is lol

    have a good one everyone x
  3. Bob

    Bob Bird Whisperer Staff Member Admin

    Morning Mary, Kerstin and everyone..

    Wet but mild here and still pitch black!!!!

    Catch you later  :bye:
  4. Nigalius

    Nigalius Madras Regular Member

    Morning All...

    Its cloudy at the moment but lots of rain forecast for later. If I need to do anything outside it will have to be done this morning.

    Made a huge carrot cake yesterday, ate far too much and sugar levels suffered but feel better now. I hope it freezes ok as I put aome in the freezer and rest in the fridge. Have never frozen that before.

    I think I will be doing some VHS converting to DVD today but it takes soooo long.

    Have a great Wednesday Everyone


  5. Tracey

    Tracey What's one more? Regular Member

    Morning all so annoyed! Been waiting for my northen parrots parcel for 3days and still aint come even though it was supposed to be next day delivery. Its apprently coming today so I've had to change my plans onve again
  6. Scarlett

    Scarlett Guest

    It`s dull and damp here but still early.

    Harley pulled out 8 pin feathers in the night :( He`s plucking so much, there`s just nothing I can do :(

    Just had a cuppa and think they can all have a bath today, could do with more mess to clear up! Lol
  7. Rhonda AKA Kensmrs

    Rhonda AKA Kensmrs Regular Member

    Morning all - work for me today - supposed to rain - Ken and Sheg awaiting decorative stone delivery for front garden - they worked hard for the past two days digging up the grass and getting it ready for the stones - then I can decide which planters to put where - think I will put Rocky's planter out front as there is a spot I can see from my office chair that gets loads of sun and would look amazing there.

    Have a great day everyone :bye:   :bye:

    Nigel carrot cake freezes nicely and when you bring it back out of the freezer to defrost it - it will taste just like fresh baked (all cake can be frozen for that matter).
  8. bobbie

    bobbie Regular Member

    Morning all, running late!!

    Have a good one :thumbsup:
  9. mary

    mary Regular Member

    I love going to York it's only 40 mins  the way Russ drives lol, we like to have lunch in Oscar's it's been our favourite eatery for years :)
  10. Julie

    Julie The Mother Hobbit Regular Member

    Morning all, I seem to have Madonna stuck to me this morning lol

    Hobbits are up to their usual naughty ness lol

    Puffy is not patiently waiting for her out time ....... My ears are suffering pmsl

    Have a good one all

  11. Lynn

    Lynn Regular Member

    Morning all, dull and cold here, summer is a long lost memory :(

    Feeling really tired and sore these days, everything aches lol

    Today is the first morning Bobby hasn't started screaming when he hears us up out of bed, think the meds have kicked in, am sure he only goes like that when not feeling well, he is a happy boy this morning and that makes me happy :)
  12. Poor Harley, I know how helpless you feel.  Gary has improved a lot from his plucking, but we still hear the odd squeak and he's pulled out a pin feather.  I feel so sorry for them having a hard time during a moult, really wish there was something else we could do other than aloe/soother baths and the odd dose of Loxicom to take the edge off.  xx
  13. polly parrot

    polly parrot Regular Member

    hello all been absent for a bit as hubby had the lap top nice to catch up with all you are doing polly coming on nicely and saying a few words
  14. Bradders

    Bradders Parrot Power! Staff Member Moderator

    Very surprised there! We use them all the time and always receive it the next day and always by the same courier! Almost on first name terms now! Very frustrating for you, hope it's arrived today!
  15. KerstinB

    KerstinB Regular Member

    thats why i use only scarletts... next day is next day lol plus super prices and friendly ..love her to bits xx
  16. Tracey

    Tracey What's one more? Regular Member

    Its the second time that had happened, but have received the order.