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Hi all,
I've just joined the forum as I am looking at getting a parrotlet very soon.
Currently I have a wax melter in my front room which I absolutely love. I had an African grey in the past and am aware of the risks with airfresheners and scented candles etc so I have been looking at some companies who claim their wax melts are bird safe. Obviously wax melts dont have a wick so that risk is eliminated. They use no paraffin or "harmful chemicals" but do use essential oils and synthetic fragrances, which i have questioned in an email and have been assure of safety. I have tried to find opinions online but I think these companies are quite new? So haven't found anything helpful.
I will attach screen shots of the details of the product and the email response I got. Please tell me what you think.
I would be so sad to lose my wax melter from the front room (but obviously if it is a danger the bird comes first)


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Hi and welcome to the forum
Can't say it would tempt me I use natural fragrances currently have a huge bunch of lilac in a vase smells gorgeous, totally safe and cost me nothing. :)


Thanks for the reply. Fresh flowers are a nice fall back plan. I just love my wax melter lol. I may just have to accept that it needs to move to the bedroom.
Are there some flowers that are not safe to have incase they get nibbled?

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Hello and welcome, i cannot comment on the wax melter as i have not used one or think i ever will as Dizzy has said there are other ways of safe and trusted ways to bring pleasant smells in your home
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