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Hi guys!
If possible I would like any advice from you about WATER.
I am not sure if tap water is Ok for my parrots or if mineral water is better (If mineral water, wich brand?)
Thank you very much.
Túlio xxx


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I don't think that is is necessary to use mineral water, but we filter our tap water and use that for ourselves and our birds. We used a water purifier for a while and the water tasted of, well, nothing. Boring. Tasteless. It actually takes some getting used to.

We used to collect water from the Malvern springs (by appointment to Her Majesty, no less). The water quality varied a lot i.e. it tasted great after low rainfall, but bitter after several days of sustained rain. Needless to say, now is not the time to collect Malvern water.

Jardine Jessie gets through a lot of water changes every day - she likes to wash her dry and fresh food in it, so her water gets dirty quite quickly. She also prefers to drink cold water, so I store it in the 'fridge :rolleyes: I change her water bowl several times a day. I often clean her beak with wetted fingers after a feed and she loves the attention. I like it too, as she doesn't end up cleaning her beak on the furniture.


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Tap water is fine but filtering to remove some heavy metals and chemicals helps if you live is a heavy water area like London.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Dora has her water bowl but wont drink from it - she prefers to drink straight from the tap, or from a small glass of water we use to offer her a drink.
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