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So I wanted to get the kids a couple of Guinea pigs in the summer but made the mistake of visiting the rescue sanctuary. It became clear a rabbit would be a better more involved pet. We held, stroked and cuddled loads of rabbits and Guinea pigs and found one rabbit, well he kinda found us. He came running up and craved some cuddles. Hes a house rabbit that got given up due to his previous family being unable to afford his food and vet care, he was very under weight but a real character. I decided to pay a deposit and was going to collect him in three weeks time but we had a call saying the sanctuary had a few unwanted pets get dropped off on boxing day :×( and they were desperate for space. Soooooo now we have Vimpto the New Zealand white rabbit. Hes actually no trouble and bloody cute.received_586082442204217.jpegreceived_875284129540755.jpegreceived_537284573668176.jpeg


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Very pretty bunny and he looks so cuddly too :)
I'm so jealous we have had three bunnies and lost them all to Myxomatosis, this area is very bad with it
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