Vegetables should be given daily, the following are all safe for your Parrot.


[colour=#333333]Beet greens[/colour]

[colour=#333333]Bok choy (Pak Choy)[/colour]


[colour=#333333]Brussels Sprouts[/colour]



[colour=#333333]Carrot Tops[/colour]

[colour=#333333]Cavolo Nero[/colour]




[colour=#333333]Chickweed (Stellaria media)[/colour]

[colour=#333333]Chinese Cabbage[/colour]




[colour=#333333]Dandelion greens[/colour]


[colour=#333333]French Beans and Runner Beans (better served steamed or lightly boiled)[/colour]

[colour=#333333]Greater Plantain (Plantago major)[/colour]


[colour=#333333]Lettuce (dark green varieties)[/colour]

[colour=#333333]Mange Tout[/colour]




[colour=#333333]Pepper (Bell, Jalapeno, Chilli etc.)[/colour]



[colour=#333333]Radish Tops (greens)[/colour]


[colour=#333333]Squash (Butternut, Winter and other varieties)[/colour]



[colour=#333333]Sweet Corn[/colour]

[colour=#333333]Sweet Potatoe[/colour]



[colour=#333333]Turnip greens[/colour]
Hi Bob I am a newbie trying to learn as much as poss before I buy my b&g macaw,you sound very knowledgeable/experienced, could you tell me what I should feed on a daily basis?.do I cook all my veg ? What is the very best pellets to feed i.e. staple diet food ? Thank you


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Hi Tracey
If you start a new thread in this section and then everybody can tag in their information of what they feed their macaws and why they feels it's best for them.
Pellets I feel are a personal preference thing, my birds (no macaws) have a right mixture of all sorts of fruits, veggies seeds and recently I have been trying out an organic pellet to add to it that that has no additives colouring and added human sugars.....its hit and miss at the moment they eat it if they fancy them but then again my greys and amazons are not young birds.
But as your getting a baby then the best thing to start with is whatever your breeder of the chick weans it on to and stick with that and then introduce new things. Don't go switching the diet to what you want the moment the youngster first arrives with you as it may not realise and still be looking for its weaning food and we don't want youngsters to not eat. If the chick is weaned onto pellets fruit and veggies great stick with that and then introduce new things. If its seed and fruit and veggies also great we can talk you though how to introduce it to pellets if thats your desired feeding method :)



Ok thank you for your reply i will post a question. It doesn't have to be a baby just a young bird possibly I will see what other experienced macaw owners say on here


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Mousakka? Or you can slice it finely, batter it with a bit of flour and fry it lightly, it's delicious, but you do have to soak it in water for a while for the bitterness to wash off


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Hi guys I was wondering it says online that sweet potato is ok to be given and rice as well do they need to be cooked? Might sound stupid but no info on that matter


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Sweet potato and rice can be fed either way
Mine prefer lightly steamed for the sweet potato
Rice you can find in a lot of parrot food these days mine like the brown rice cooked
Never give something like the Uncle Ben's Rice etc its always got additives and salt content isn't good :)


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Tatsoi is also know as spinach mustard and you often get it in those bags of salad mix hmmm think of things like those bags of Florette salad bag mixes that have lot of different types of salad inside the mix...
Quite nice stuff really :)
@Wendy Cooper-Wolfe


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Lol same with mine with cauli and broccoli although they prefer the tender stem broccoli.


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Cheeky eats carrots, peas, corn only cooked and without the skin ever so lazy my bird is. I will try to offer bigger variety.
Got a question my kakariki is eating his poop. Is that natural behaviour or is bad?


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at least Luna will eat mainly everything.. baby is fussy, like Budge was , she like parsnips and yellow and orange peppers but thats about it with veggies lol

Another reason i am glad i got her straight on pellets.
What pellets do you use? X
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