UV lamp.


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Hello again all,

I have done some measuring when i have got home. From Bo’s feet to his head he is 12 inches, measured from his feet because that’s what he stands on the perch with lol.
From the top of his head to the bulb it was 6.5 inches, i have re-looked at the instructions and all the instructions say are 12 inch from the birds usual perch but no mention of from birds head.

I have found a very sturdy box which is around 7 inch so i am going to start using this when using the lamp. Which will give him 12 inch from his head to his lamp.
Do you think i should allow the pinkness to fade before allowing him to bask in the light again?:)
personally I would give it a rest, at the least just to rule it out, id be shocked if it was but hey every bird is different, so it could be.
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