Using The Aviator Harness As Requested!


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Very impressive. I've been trying it with my african grey for last 7 years but can't get the harness nowhere near her. Loads of blood and pain.

Nikki h

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Cockatoos definately seem much easier than greys....all of my rescue/ rehome toos except one I can pop a harness no problem ....however haggis my grey was harness trained as a baby but I didn't really keep it up, tried him again at about 18 months and it was like trying to harness a crocodile!!! Lol

We did it but it was very stressful taking it off him and I hated seeing him so stressed so have never bothered!!


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Holy cow that was amazing. I tried putting a harness on my Rosella, Garp. Did all the steps of putting it in her cage, getting her used to it etc. Got it over her head no problem but she didn't like the weight of it on her body one bit. Flew halfway across the house trying to shake it off; I felt so sorry for her I never tried again.

Michael Reynolds

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You done very well getting it over her head.  mine Golden Mantled  will land on me or feed from my hand but if I touch any were apart from the beak or it feet they will freak out. 


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Just wish it was that easy with Scooby I get comfier though when I get one wing in the harness is every where then he panics then I do lol.x


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Meant to post in the other thread, sorry!
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Thanks @Nikki h I was looking for a video just like that!

Unfortunately the harness that I got with Ziggy is pretty rubbish - it needs a degree to work out and one of the clips is already coming loose! No way I'm trying to put Ziggy in that to watch the wee clever boy escape in five seconds and fly into the sunset.

 @Scarlett, what would be the best size of Aviator harness to buy for a Hahns Macaw do you think?

Thanks a bunch
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