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I’ve read a few threads and I’m assuming that popcorn is fine and no issue with feeding ?

Basic story, I found an organic health shop thing today, (I’m strictly an egg and bacon type man 😂😂) everything is 100% organic and sourced.

Anyway, we went for nuts and such, got peacans, walnuts, banana chips and a few others he loves, also found a section for sprouting, I’ll add that to the sprouting thread.

Anyway, they had organic popcorn cornels and I remember reading about this in the sprouting thread.

We came home and I decided to try and pop some for Burt, used coconut oil (which makes me feel ill😷)
And popped a load, completely organic with nothing added and he adores them, yeaaaa I’ve found something he likes.7DFDE5B7-6EC0-442E-AFD2-E04B4029ED2C.jpeg

I assume popcorn like this is fine, but not sure if any real health benefits ??
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So popped a little more today (more for the fun for me😂)

But he absolutely loves this, gets all exited when I open the tub, bouncing and bopping, wings kind of half open.

Is it healthy enough to give throughout the day ?
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Unsure but would not overdo it maybe a couple of popped corn, unless someone else knows different.
Nice he get excited over it though and its good fun for you too!


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My birds love popped corn too. I pop it in a covered dish without oil in the microwave oven. I might try it with a little coconut oil since it worked so well with you. Did you do it in the microwave?

Sounds like you had an excellent day in the health store!! Definitely use it for treats - healthier than the banana chips. Make sure he has a mixture of treats so that he doesn't get bored of one sort. Walnut is great for Omega 3 oils (anti-inflammatory) - one whole one a day is sufficient. Coconut oil is also said to be anti-inflammatory - but it is also a saturated fat, so go easy on quantity. Corn counts as a grain re amino acids.


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Thank you, it’s does seem to be his favourite and I feel it’s better than banana chips, walnuts are still right up there, so we are backing off the banana chips now in favour of pop corn.

I popped it in a pan, every single corn popped as well, i heard it’s difficult by luck or skill I have non idea, every corn popped and tasted so good with a bit of melted butter (in ours)

So heat coconut oil First, I dropped 2/3 corns in so when they popped I knew it was hot enough, remove from heat wait a second (oil temp drops a fraction) put the rest of the corn in, count to 30 giving a little shuffle to make sure they all get coated (this preps them and gets them very close to pop temp)

Put back on a medium/high heat with lid, after a few seconds they start going, ruffle/shake pan after maybe 10-15 seconds they will stop, remove from heat and all done.

We then melted butter in the same pan till brownish and poured over for us with a little salt or castor sugar.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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I have tried popping corn before but didnt use any oil so maybe thats why it wasnt palatable for Dora. Going to try the chillie recipe though - When I was working the coffee cart used to sell chillie and lime popcorn - yum!
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