UK Compulsory & Voluntary Bird Registration


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Somebody has posted on FB about registering all birds except cage birds before a deadline of October 2024.

but when I’ve searched on the gov website i can only find that it is compulsory for keepers of 50 or more outdoor birds but voluntary for under 49.

Has anybody heard/seen anything else?
They were going to have exemptions on parrot species but decided to include them in the end but it's only if they are outside not indoor
So if you have more than 49 outdoor kept birds then you are obliged to register. Under that you aren't.

This was the outcome of the consultation process if you fancy a boring read

They were thinking at one point every single bird had to be registered and mandatory update you would have to do yearly. Thankfully they decided it was about impossible to keep track
Form IRA-81 the compulsory for 50 or more of you add a species, sell a bird breed more you have to update monthly. Yearly update mandatory and what you keep them for plus numbers of each species. Stupid really if a chicken or duck drops dead and you replace it the same week or a brood hatched they are never going to know as it doesn't ask for birds to be individually listed so you could have 40,000 and they wouldn't know if any got diseases unless you notified them

Form IRA-82 if you have 49 or less and want to be included and same updating requirements once you registered can't unregister it would seem once you have.

Let's just say I won't be registered a because I have less than 49 and I keep an eye on the notifiables already and don't even cross into any "disease control zones" with my car to ensure I don't bring anything home.

Going to move this all to a new thread so it's not lost.
:noidea:Going to be a whole new nightmare for those breeding and releasing for shooting purposes

Mind you pigeon racing peeps are going to be scratching their heads as it seems they need it for racing from EU but they have been always allowed to exercise their birds in a disease control zone as they don't go far but need to fly. :thinking: if you have 49 racers and as sometimes does happen a stray racer enters your loft then what as you then are over the limit as it doesn't stipulate they have to be owned by you just that your a carer of that number.

In the other hand are they going to visit every private aviary if y haven't registered to have a head count? The mind boggles as to how they are going to try and police it.

If I owned 54 and cared for 54 but had them split over two properties one not owned but rented perhaps by me how are they going to police that scenario?

Good job 6 would be exempt as indoor and only have little dude flock outdoors and my numbers come to less than 25 :thumbsup: couldn't cope with more anyways
Had they gone with register one bird can you imagine the nightmare created for any elderly person say in their 80's or 90's with a pet budgie going through the red tape :BangHead:

I remember going through the big stink of registering a horse with a passport the hoo-har and you will be fined blah blah blah and that is so lax its another pigs ear of pointless paperwork. False papers all over the place passports not applied for and the law certainly not enforced.

Yes your clarity on reading about it was totally correct you might want to update the facebook group with links to the law they wish to bring in so everybody is clearer and not panicking also not registering if they don't need to. Polly might want a cracker but doesn't need to be registered unless she has 49 friends out there and one carer.... Hmmm there's a thought why would 50 budgies in an aviary be protecting poultry if registered? They don't free roam .... unless its just going to make it easier for them to test or cull birds in a disease area by knowing where they are.... :yikes: Won't let Joe Public purchase the vaccine but want to know about our birds ..... horses, then dogs, then cats and now birds ...... hide your goldfish peeps!
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