Tuesday 7th January

Michael Reynolds

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Hello every one, its late afternoon now and I did not spot a todays post. been dry with some sunshine, getting a little chilly but not tpo bad out. birds are all fine and in good mood, well it will soon be Christmas. Morrisons in Coxheath I believe have al ready got rid of the Christmas stuff and have Easter eggs on the shelves instead. I hope you are all having a great day


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Hello Michael, did not notice there was not a post for today!
Blowing a gale here and rain too - usual weather.
Yes Easter eggs available soon if not already I expect.
Good evening haha.
Better late than never.
Been shut at work the whole day. Not seen much of the grey day outside at all.
Seen plenty teeth tho 😅🤪😜.
Both boys been patient and waited for me. Rob is working away so they have a little less freedom.
I'm home tomorrow so will make it up to them if they want my company.😅😂🤪.
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