Tuesday 2nd July

Michael Reynolds

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Good evening all, Was out from early this morning and it just kept getting warmer. i was having trouble staying awake when i got back my birds got very excited and i ended up falling to sleep with a few on me, Jackie woke me up in the end by calling in my ear at close range, i hope you are not too affected by the heat and are have had a good day that will be followed by the rest of the day. keep cool every one, Photo of Max and Mo



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Hello Michael and good evening to everyone, just noticed there's been no daily Good Morning thread....please any members feel free to start one off.
Yes it's been another hot sunny day down here too.
Hope you have all enjoyed the day,


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Jaffa's 10th birthday today. He's had a tin of tuna (1/2 breakfast, 1/2 tea, instead of wet food) given that's one of his favourite things to eat. I'm getting out the catnip for him too (very funny to watch, he seems to enjoy it - though not me getting the vac out after).
Hope everybody (and everybirdy) else has had as good a day as him.


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Evening everyone. Not too hot here, which is nice as the house is a little cooler this evening. Hopefully better for sleeping tonight.

Grandkids have gone home so the house is much quieter. I would say almost too quiet, but I'm sure the birds will oblige with some noise [emoji2]

Have a pleasant evening y'all.

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Happy birthday Jaffa hope you've been having a purr-fect day :)
Evening all been a tad busy around here its going to be my mum's 80th birthday this Friday and she's having a small group of friends join her for a spot of lunch this coming Friday. Got most of things sorted now …. there's a cake, helium balloons, menu pre-ordered, place cards sorted after much printer errors of it eating them! Flowers are ordered and sorted for delivery before she goes, mobile hairdresser popping around to do her hair in the morning. Been trying to tick off all the things to do and I'm not even attending lol.
Been having a mare of a time with trying to buy a camera. Nothing flash nor too expensive but mine keeps jamming and has about had it. So thought right buy one through click and collect at Curry's … ok done got told its arrived went to collect … not there! Box correctly labelled with all the items for the shot but contents of all click and collect customers were for a different town .. Barnsley!
So the rang Barnsley who opened their box and found they had all the click and collect for the customers in Plymouth!!
So they rang them and they had somebody else's!!!
Plan B ..... Ok we rang the customers services at their head office and said errrr now what?
Ok you have to wait two weeks for us to do an internal investigation.
My reply ..... I don't flipping think so! Please send replacement for tomorrow as I have paid for it you have my money and you also somewhere still have my camera!
Nope we can't do that.
Errr why?
Because that camera is somewhere … as is all the other customers items!
Right what can we do to get our products?
Errr cancel order, re-order and pay we will have a camera there for you tomorrow and in two weeks time we will give you your money back for the first one when we find it.
Reply from me was hmmm colourful and they did actually see my point in the end that giving them twice the amount of money and getting no guarantee that the second one wouldn't go missing as well …!
So got a refund sorted … waited a couple of days and started all over again … with Amazon this time.
Right found the same camera rang amazon double checked a few details and that they are the ones doing the delivery for the selling uk company.
Yup sorted!
Errr not sorted actually … camera came after 6 days of waiting (no great shakes) arrived at 12.30 ….. and was returned by 4pm!
Got it home unpacked it read the instructions and thought this is odd … taking about Canada and USA but nothing else …. anyways logged on to Canon website to register it and … its a grey import not licensed for sale in the UK … no warranty its a grey import!!
On the phone to Amazon grey imports cannot be sold here without declaring that is what they are, to sell brand new you have to declare it, pay tax on it, and there was a huge court case earlier this year proving that manufacturer could in actual fact sue for copyright infringement!
If the product breaks then basically your stuffed!
Amazon say they check everybody out and they don't allow grey imports to be sold ….
Luckily for me with it being packed and dispatched by Amazon I will be refunded as soon as its back with them.
Off to the shop that does the returns via My Hermes ….. their machine was broken couldn't print anything to log a flipping return. Luckily another local shop did the printing and we managed to log the return for collection so that's on its way back.
Ever get the feeling your not supposed to have something or that your feeling slightly picked on by technology?
Sooooo back to the drawing board again …. although thinking about using the drawing board as a plant stand instead!

Michael Reynolds

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All this and you took your time deciding on what camara to get i can imagin having problems if you ordered it in a click of the moment

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Ordering things online gets more and more fraught! I have ordered a watch strap but had to give my mobile phone no for delivery - but we dont have a mobile signal here! LAst Friday had to drive up the road for a mile toget enough signal to text my husband as the landline and wifi had gone down in Kent, he received the texts yeseterday!
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