Tuesday 2nd April


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Morning All...

Its not as cold this morning as yesterday, perhaps that is because the wind is light and not making the walls cold. Forecast is for a fair bit of sun with some rain early on and this evening. Perhaps I should buy some flippers to make me more mobile in the wet weather, I just wish the forecasts were more reliable, not heavy rain in a forecast of broken sun.

Both birds are fine and look well this morning. Their feathers look fine too but I am sure a new moult is going to start soon, I just hope that their moults are not as bad as last years, Nacho had the worst I have ever known losing a good few bigger feathers but he still looked well most of the time. The wild ones wont be about yet but they will be once it starts to get light. I fill the feeders up each day and the starlings are always willing to take the meal worms but I try to discourage them taking the choice food before others have had a chance.

Wont be going out today and just want to have a tidy up. I am so tempted to make a decent slow cook later this week but dont know if that can be frozen and still keep its nutritional value. I also want to empty the small freezer and throw things that have been there for months. I thought you could keep food in a 3 star freezer just about indefinitely but that is not so, so I am going to clean it out, de-frost it and hopefully have a lot more space.

Have a Great Tuesday Everyone, If you are unwell make sure you get well soon.



Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Morning all,
Up early today to much needed rain, and my husband has now gone back to the UK after 2 weeks of glorious weather. He had forgotten how quickly Dora can pounce on and destroy things like his screwdriver handle, but this house seems to have a calming effect and he didnt get cross with her! He was also impressed that when in the kitchen and living room she seems to have learned to fly back to her cage to do a poo when she needs to. :applaudit:Next to transfer that training to other perches.
So its just us girls together for another few weeks, then hopefully most of the renovation there will be done - we should have done the work when it needed doing and before we became owned by a parrot but sanding down walls and ceilings just isnt on is it! At least this house has rough walls and doesnt need work to be done (except a new drainage system!)
You arent the only one to hoard stuff in the freezer Nigel - I surprised myself at what I still had in ours when it was emptied.Making up batches of cooked meals for defrosting later is a good idea for those days you cant think of what to have, cant be bothered or have just had a busy day and dont have time to cook.
Have a good day one and all, Hope all goes well Jess and healing thoughts to everyone suffering in any way.


Your slow cook will be fine frozen Nigel, that’s what I do with stew, beef ragu, etc, make up a big batch, eat one then freeze two other portions.


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@Heather2131 Sounds like splay leg but without seeing it cannot say for certain but either way regardless of seeing them I would advise all the chicks are taken to the vets and assessed some may have to be euthanised if too sever to be corrected, chickens need their legs they are not like parrots that can utilise their beak to help get around.


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Good afternoon, what a day! Hubby still working on heating & hot water.
Power went off this morning we forgot it was going off . we had a letter last week informing all properties the electricity board would be without for a few hours due to essential maintenance work needing to be done .
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