Tuesday 26th Noember

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning every one, just think it less than a month before Christmas, another Damp day. bids are very active more so than normal. Archie has some how hurt his foot so I have checked it but its not to bad he is hoping a bit but can still use it. well Hospital later not to certain if I will be posting later but tomorrow is the day of the operation so its say good bye to my nose day today. I hope you all have a good day today


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Good morning everyone. @Michael Reynolds hope Archies foot will be all right.
Good luck at the hospital today and with the op too, if you cannot post for a while we shall know why.
Do you have someone who can let us know how you are?


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My best wishes for the operation, Michael. Make sure you look after yourself properly and get better afterwards!

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Still wet here in Kent, nothing much doin' here, although the resident teenage magpie has been hanging around, and to again wish Michael all the best for tomorrow. I know I will be thinking of him and I'm sure many others apart from his friends here on the forum will be too.
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