Tuesday 26th March


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Morning All...

We have another bright morning here and no rain is forecast. Wind looks moderate and Westerly. That probably means its going to be a grotty day full of rain and strong Easterly winds. So long as I get a rough idea of what its going to do on any particular day I take little notice of the Met office and usually go by the Shipping Forecast.

The birds are fine and not creating too much noise for once. That is sure to change before too long. Yesterday Nacho flew into Roxy's cage but was soon chased out. Roxy is quite territorial and although he is limited in where he can go he protects his cage very well.

I felt better this morning getting up, yesterday was just one of those days where I could have stayed under the covers for a fair time. Still not got my new toy, the Samsung watch yet. I flipped yesterday evening at the 24 hour so called help line. First of all I had to speak to someone in Philippines who was probably learning English when there was no call. I ordered on Sunday and was supposed to be a service of 24hr next day delivery. I also paid extra for an AM delivery. Well, it did not come in the AM and neither in the PM. I rung them up and was given by 4 people a multitude of excuses why it did not come. I then cancelled the order and ordered from Amazon which I should have done in the first place. I then check my e-mails to see if the refund has been put through and there was an e-mail from DPD saying it will be delivered today. So I had to cancel the Amazon order which was made on another credit card and see if the one from Samsung is actually delivered. At the moment I dont have a clue what is happening.

Have a Great Tuesday Everyone, if you are unwell, sit down, relax and get well soon.




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Good morning, a frosty start here but sunny. Hope your deliveries arrive today Nigel - whichever ones they are!
Must dash off to GP soon.

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning Nigel and Diana plus all that follow, I am glad you are feeling better this morning let hope every one else dose as well. I am going to Maidstone today and also before I come back getting some more lean and fit from Larkfield. its a sunny start but rather chilly but all the flock are in great voice. i've kept the flock waiting for there breakfast this morning as they are having a pasta and mixed veg but I had not prepared it last night but its nearly ready now so they will soon quieten down apart from the chomping. Did not do much in the bird room yesterday as Oliver decided he would not leave my shoulder. its the first time I had allowed him to get so close to me but he was happy just sitting there and being chaperoned around. Bella just followed us every wear but she never got on me as well. made a de-cafe parrot friendly tea and just sat in the living room sharing it with Oliver. Jackie came over and climbed on my lap to have some and I started stroking her and she fell asleep. so I was stuck there until Oliver decided to fly back to his cage and that woke Jackie up. well I hope you all have a good day today and for those unwell I hope you will start to fill much better soon


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Morning Nigel ' Di ' Michael and all who follows . Well it looks over cast this morning , Tom is going on his serch for somemore fish for his tank at some point to day as some are dying off so he is goi g to be pushing me in my wheel chair as walking takes my breath away at the moment . Scooby is shouting me as i have hardly had the energy to give him the attention i usely give him bless him but things will change fingers crossed . I will have to put a picture of Scooby up if i can remember how lol . Nigel i rest up most of the day as tiredness just comes and thats me asleep which doesn't harm anyone i think anyway . Tom back to work next Wednesday as he can not afford to take anymore time off as he is not getting paid they are trying to bring some hollidays forward for him but like he says he needs them for more hospital apointments to come . Di i do hope all goes well with your GP apointment this morning i will be thinking of you . Tash i hope you are feeling alot better with your back and got some sleep bless . Jude im thinking of you also and hope you are feeling loads better hun . To all the poorly ones and feathered friends get well soon . Stay safe no matter where you are .
Chicks will be hatching at work this week do I need to be careful with handling them/being around them and then coming home to my parrots?
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