Tuesday 25 June


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Morning everyone. I didn't see a post for today, so thought I would start one. Grey here(still), although dry. There were some rumbles of thunder last night, but it didn't come to anything.

I'm back in the room with the birds again, UV light and all. After two days of me being in the other room, Ziggy looks like a chicken just before going in the oven. She's snipped most of her feathers off again! Luckily she hasn't started on any flight feathers yet. Keeping fingers crossed she doesn't do that. I don't know what to do about her - the smallest changes cause her to snip and pluck now. When I was in the other room she could still see me, but that doesn't seem to have pacified her. She's so complicated that one.

Have a good day y'all.

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Michael Reynolds

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Good morning Cazimodo and all that follow, it been hevy rain and storms during the night but being that it was cloudy and darker the flock have not long awoke, but now they are they are singing at top voice. i am out most of the day and hopefully the rain will stop later, and i know my flock will be all over me when i get back. Its always sad to see a bird like Ziggy not leaving her feathers alone after having seeing improvements I have the same with Holly although there has beeb slow improvements, i hope the weather dose not affect to many people and that you all have a better day than yesterday


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Good morning everyone - well done for starting todays post - any member is welcome to do it.
Oh dear silly Ziggy lets hope she leaves the flight feathers alone.
I went to get my claw clipped yesterday...I had got the day wrong they close Mondays, silly me, it was the right day in my diary but I had written the wrong one on the calender! So...I will head back there today. But the trip into town wasn't wasted as Tesco Extra is close by and I popped in there.

Hoping the cloud lifts & the sun comes out as there is loads of washing to be hung out.

Enjoy the day.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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hello - a bright day but not so hot with a nice breeze, so letting the air in now and close up later when the sun comes round. Husband says storms overnight knocked out the phones and internet for a while. Out with the walking group this afternoon, last of the season and followed by "gouter" which apparently means a small snack at tea time - not sure if its in a cafe, bring and share or just take your own so am going to make some biscuits to take for sharing anyway.
Have a good day one and all.
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