Tuesday 1st October


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Good morning on yet another very wet one.
So many rivers overflowed, our 'ford' up the lane is impassable unless you have waders or are in a vehicle. Don't think I will venture out today.
Hope you are all safe .


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Raining but not the deluge I was expecting, was informed by the delivery man that we will have snow by weekend, lovely. Builder supposed to be coming today but decided weather to bad will come tomorrow, what planet is he one? I do not really want the work done so if he can not do it, no problem to me.

I am joi8ng you Diana and staying in where it is erm, dry? Suppose I could put the heating on.

Michael Reynolds

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good evening all,, flock are all quiet except Mo who is wide awake, its raining at the moment but I did see the sun a few times, , I have been out a lot of the day took my neighbour to Heathfield, while I was there bought so veggies for the flock. have a great evening every one
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