Tuesday 16th November


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Good morning, hope everyone is well.

As you know I am a Tesco on-line home delivery shopper have been for a good 5yrs. At 6am this morning they opened their line for booking Christmas week, so 6am there I am no. 155644 in the queue,! 1hr 45mins later it was my turn but guess what all the Christmas weeks slots have gone, only a few click & collect left so I never bothered. I may as well pop to Lidl to get what I need. Oh well nothing can be done.

What a day yesterday still trying to help our friend coax her stubborn hubby to eat drink use insulin etc.

Also our grandson (the rugby player one) has cracked ribs from a game over the weekend, trying to get advice via NHS 111/GP/MIU has been a tiresome waste of time. Eventually On call doctor phoned & spoke to him and prescribed ibuprofen & codeine .

After trying for many hours trying to help folk I decided to pop to Lidl, but my car would not open the drivers door, other doors yes, so hubby call AA (we have Home Start - and are Gold members now) nice chap came gave him the key - he put it in the keyhole & unlocked it. We both felt really stupid never thought to do that! He sprayed & fiddled the lock but the remote doesn't always work it opens the other doors & boot but not driver door so I shall from now on use the key. We put that down to a Senior Moment.

Well I best get on get cleaning etc got another grandson coming tomorrow to stay for a few nights. Not seen him for 4 years.
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