Tuesday 15th September 2020


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Evening all
Thanks for the birthday wishes peeps
I had a lovely day out and about by myself. Went to Tophill Low Nature Reserve spent 6 hours mooching around saw loads of stuff some wonderful kingfishers, a stunning female marsh harrier, some fab fungi coming out this time of the year too. Took my picnic with me and shared it will a cheeky Robin who obviously decided that social distancing did not apply to him and my sausage roll!
Its been a scorcher of a day here today was 26 degrees and hardly a breath of wind with a bright shocking blue sky. :)
I've walked more miles than common sense should denote at my age but as it was at an amble it was an easy one.
Hope you've all had a good day and stayed safe :)
Healing vibes to all in need of them

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Pleased that you have had a lovely day @DizzyBlue .... not knowing your age but it seems the have the stamina to keep going at your own pace.
Slightly strange day here, the electrician/ plumber called last night to say he could come to replace the hot water tank today, and he's just finished. So couldn't really do much and found myself getting carried away and ordered a fair bit of material for patchwork on the internet.
Take care everybody


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Evening people, don't suppose there are many still around. Glad you had a nice birthday, Dizzyblue, assuming it was today.

Baby has had an upset stomach since she woke us up with it at about 4 am and an intermittent fever which went up to 40° for a while a couple of hours ago, at which point we decided that it was high time she went for a medical checkup, so wife is in the hospital with her now. The upset tummy actually seemed to be improving a little, and she was keeping some food and drink down by the afternoon, but the fever was getting to be quite a worry so we didn't want to leave it any longer. It's been very hot and dry here too, which probably hasn't helped. Not easy to contact wife as there is no internet available in the hospital and reception for my old phone, which already hardly works, is very bad here at present.

When I finally got through I found out that she was seen by a nurse very quickly (the hospital was the emptiest she's ever seen it, presumably because of virus panic etc), fever had subsided slightly, and a doctor was going to show up soon, so I'm now waiting for further news. Big girl was very disgruntled about not going too as she wanted to "play with the doctor", among other things, which is precisely why she had to stay here with me, out of trouble! I think she's worried about her sister, too. We're currently watching some Russian cartoons on the computer (I think she intends to become trilingual soon, as she seems to rather like these Russian folk tale cartpons.)

Wife managed to take the only working gate control with her then didn't shut the gate behind her, nor could I find a key to open up the motor house so it could be closed manually - I wasn't overjoyed about it being wide open considering the crime rate around here, especially as it's possible they will be kept in overnight. Eventually I managed to shut it with another control which she assured me sort of worked, occasionally, when it felt like it and the stars were in correct alignment, providing you pressed the button enough times. It eventually worked from one last exasperated press while pointing it the wrong way, half-way down the garden as I was on my way back into the house in disgust, having been out there right next to the gate for 15 minutes trying to get something to happen. :rolleyes: I didn't dare touch it again once the thing was actually shut!
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@Ararajuba do let us know how the little one is when you can, fingers crossed she is recovering. As for the gate well at least it's shut....but can you get it open again? or are you trapped forever.:oops:


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@dianaT - we could have used the aunt's gate at the front after going through her property if we'd needed to get out on foot (wife had the car anyway). Having a big gaping hole all night by the main road at the back (where there are quite a few passers by to see it) is a definite risk, as it's an invitation to potential tresspassers and gives them a good look at your home and land in case they are casing it out.

The risk of property and home invasions always needs to be taken very seriously here due to the homicide and robbery rates being very high, though obviously we still have a good-sized dog who is usually pretty alert at night and would have something not very friendly to say to anyone who did try coming in, which would be enough to deter all but the most determined. Can't safely let her out with the gate wide open though. This isn't one of the more dangerous areas on the whole, but anyone who is hanging around up to no good will probably assume local homeowners to be rich (at least compared to themselves), and will be on the lookout for easy targets such as gates that are wide open all night!
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