Tuesday 14th January

Michael Reynolds

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Good morning every one, I hope the winds have died down in your area they have in Kent. Its a sad start for me, My female canary passed away this morning whist laying her third egg, My flock can tell I am upset Jackie just has been very close trying to comfort me laying her head under my chin and making kissing noises. I hope you all have a far better start to the day than I have, My little bright star you will be missed little one


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Good morning Michael I am so sad and sorry to hear about the canary, they are such dear little birds.
Still windy & raining here but not like it was yesterday late afternoon.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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SO sorry to hear of your loss Michael, may she fly free and high.
Dry but windy here today - I had to go into town so went into the bank to pay in a cheque (first time Ive done it here) between a very different looking paying in slip to the ones I'm used to in the UK, plus not having my reading glasses with me I got flustered, gave up and came home with a handful of paying in slips to practice! The internet is a great teacher and I now realise I could have just handed the cheque and my debit card to the person on the desk. :risas3:
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