Tuesday 12th January


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Good morning, a very wet cold one down here.
Off to see nurse later to get knee dressing changed again, maybe after today I can change it myself.

Did anyone watch the ITV prog last night The Pembrokeshire Murders, it's a series on over 3 nights. We recorded it and will watch it later.
We have read the book.
It's all true and all happened very very close by. Our late neighbours young son was even babysat by Cooper, who was well known to many.
Scoveston Manor is now a B&B & hubby & chum were asked to remove fallen tree years ago so took tractor & trailer and chopping tree up for logs which was shared. We have walked the coastal path at Little Haven so many times. Do note that not all of the programme was filmed in Pembrokeshire though.

Well keep safe folks it seems as soon as we set foot outside our doors to go anywhere we are at risk of this blasted covid.

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Hello folks,
A bit milder today after an extremely cold (-6.6) yesterday, a bit damp and drear now.
Loss of internet all day yesterday when they were tree/branch cutting up the lane, a nuisance as it knocks out the phone too but somehow nice not to feel the need to look for messages.
I hope the knee is healing @dianaT , and hope Michael is healing too.
Whilst we are still free to move around, shop etc it sounds like they are forecasting another full lock down again.
Take care everyone


Miss Marple
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Freezing here trying to keep up with all the kids learning just cant spread meself out enough between them. Managed to switch me tv on without the help of @DizzyBlue today which is a bonus! She helped me out by telling me to plug it in after hours of wondering why it wouldnt switch on yesterday lol. Think lockdown is driving me mad finally. Have a good day all an stay safe x


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Hi folks, well it chucked it down last night, woke me up but today it is mild and sunny, have had the shed doors open all day to give it an airing, we seem to have gone from frozen to spring in a day but it wont last long.
We have just been a walk around the block, not a sole about but we still wore masks anyway, I think the two g/daus are gettinng fed up not going out and no firm date for return to Uni, the one needs lab work for her vet studies but I guess it will all sort itself out sooner or later.. she has had two negative tests in readiness for18th treturn but that is in limbo at moment bless her.. Eileen is going to make another loaf and has lots of craft work to do, and i am staying sane by the my lathe intersts keeping us both from terminal cabin fever..
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