Tuesday 11th June


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Morning everyone. Dry here at the moment, but clouding over again so unlikely to last.

I'm currently in phase 1 of operation Drink Toxic Goop ahead of colonoscopy tomorrow, so have stacked up a bunch of crochet magazines and am no more than a quick dash away from bathroom [emoji23] It means I can't sit with the birds today, but I'm sure they would be even more alarmed by me flying out of the room every ten minutes or so.

Hope everyone has a good day and that Nigel is recovering.

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Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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A wet start and according to the forecast storms this afternoon, but the sun has just poked through.
Received a parcel this morning with goodies for Dora - things to give her a change - new ladder, flat perch, coconut feeding bowl and feed, and a 50m roll of natural sisal for me to create things for her to chew....so far the cardboard box holds most fascination!
Dora "helped" me to bottle some whole cherries yesterday, they are tiny fruits and sweet, but you get more stone than flesh, but Dora showed a talent for stoning the tiny cherries with her tongue. Its a shame I cant put her to work!


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Nothing much to say today, rain, rain, rain, areas flooded nearby, but not here yet.

Hope @Michael Reynolds has dried out and done your sewing, I need to contact you but forgotten how to message, My brain is loosing things at a rapid rate, rang the husband and by the time he answered I had forgotten why, came eventually though.

Sighting of my missing doggy so will have to investigate that but she will have moved on by now, I can put up some posters.


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Hi everyone. I don't contribute much but do come often to read and have a nose.
Not seen any post from Nigel. Is he ok? Last time I saw his contribution is days ago and I know he was recovering from chest issue.
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