Trying to rehome a Grey from my in laws...19 years since last out of cage 😕


Hi all. I've found my way here because I'm really concerned about my in laws pet Grey. I have been with my husband nearly 20 years and have seen the bird out of his cage once in all that time. He hasn't been out of it for 19 years, it is even cleaned around him as he apparently resists going back in it and is unclipped so might escape. I can't blame it tbh! Food is just given in a bowl, no real challenge, and cage toys are limited. The only stimulation the bird gets is occasional talking to it (my MiL mostly) or the sound of the TV/radio. I just find it desperately sad and would love to find a lovely home for him where he can get the interaction and stimulation he needs. He is so clever and a fabulous mimic! But can be aggressive to my husband (who I think used to tease him when he was a teenager) or anyone who now gets too close to the cage. He has been in the family for C30 years I think and at first was given lots of interaction and time out of the cage but that declined within the first few years. I think if there was a potential new home in place my mil would be very open to the idea but she wouldn't bother looking into rehoming him herself. Advice greatly appreciated as I hate to think of him living like that for another 20 years. Thank you


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Poor sweetie
Have you tred popping around and offering new toys and food treats and introducing things or perhaps thought yourself of taking him / her on?
We could help you do that and helpyou and the birdie get along together
If your intent on rehoming though a location of where you are generally in the country ie say birmingham or london etc would be useful


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It is not 2 minutes since we had some seeking a grey, or did they find one? Will help if we know where to start from please.


Thanks all. Sorry we are in Essex. Unfortunately we couldn't take him ourselves - he already isn't very fond of my hubby, I have 2 young children and 2 dogs myself and the bird is very wary of both! I'm not able to put anything in his cage myself as he attacks anyone who tries but have bought toys and I chat to him when I visit (he does an impression of me as soon as he sees me lol!)


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:welcome: @Graceygrape14

I am so very sad and sorry to hear this,so your in laws have jailed the poor bird for life just for being a parrot that they do not understand. Sadly this happens to so many parrots it really does.
No wonder he goes to attack anyone and everyone.
I do hope our members will step in and help and hopefully offer a suitable home. Will your in laws let him go to a new home if one is found?

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I am settling in two baby amazons that will keep me busy for a month and half, I have promised to take in three paroletts and they will need to settle in if you have not found a home in two and a half months then I could take him on and see if I can re train him to be more happy. I have four greys living with me. it would not be fair on him to take him on if I cannot spend the time to help him from the start.


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Hi and welcome. You have certainly come to the right place and hopefully someone will take him on.
My Gizzie had the same history. Locked up, not even cleaned inside or outside of cage. Wrong diet (given cockatiel seeds and Gizzie is a cockatoo) no fruit or veg. No interaction or even toys. The guy that rescued him couldn't open the cage as it had years of poop and dirt all over.
I was told he was frightened of everything and he was!! But now he is a absolute sweetheart. Once you understand him he is ok. So hopefully your in laws grey will get his second chance on life soon.
I really wish we could take him on but me and my hubby @RoyJess has 13 birds already and it would be unfair to take on more.
Well done for the actions your taking xx
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