Tropical Birdland day out

Finally got to go! Here's some pics, just phone pics, not brilliant as I kept forgetting to take photos I was so engrossed in looking at the birds :lol: We had some hitchhikers and there were cute babies with their little diddy baby beaks and huge eyes that were learning to fly, so basically really clumsy with parents following them around :see_hearts: Altogether a really good day. We'd defo go again, next time not on school holidays!20210824_115859_resize_86.jpg20210824_124834_resize_22.jpg
It was a great place, there are staff around watching the birds to make sure the interactions are ok. They seem to know the birds, as at one point a staff member came over whilst we had a grey sat with us and radioed over to say "found him!" He wasn't in his usual favourite perch spot and they were worried :D It was great to see the rescues included, they were now freely mixing with the other birds, some in in all their nudey beauty :see_hearts: You can offer your arm or hand to step up in certain areas, and most people respected the birds choice not to. Equally, as they were free, the birds could climb or fly higher out of reach. There was one muppet who kept pushing on the belly of a macaw and trying to grab its feet, insisting it step on him. He got bitten :lol:


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Ohh i love this place, i really want to go back for the boyfriends birthday next week!
I remember falling in love with a too called tallulah, who in fact was a little boy! He was a proper ladies bird and was cuddled into me, a man came to me and said my son wants to hold that one...... I was like i will put him down in 5 and the man tried to touch the too whilst he was cuddling me, he also got bit😂

I had a bite which made me bleed, from a little monster of a sun conure called mango haha! How dare i try put her down to hold another bird! 😂

The birds are so beautiful, it looks like you had a great day!
Looks great. I like that little blue-front. I've been meaning to visit for some time. What did you think of the African grey aviary? Do they have a large flock in there?
I'm not sure how many are in the aviary, there were about 6 that we saw, but there were areas that they could hide in. There are also quite a few greys free with the other birds at the walk around bit at the end, so a lovely chance to interact with them closely if they wanted to. The free birds ranged from little conures up to hyacinths, and they were all sat calmly on trees and branches around the place. All free to climb or fly away if they wanted to.
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