Training my clipped baby to fly.


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Good morning all, thought id give an update on Bo and his flight progress.

Bo is a different bird now, he is so full of joy and excited to be out of his cage. He is much more adventurous as he must know he can save himself by flying should he need to do so.
Recall training is going very well, as soon as you ask him to come he is off! I tried to take the process slow but he is loving flying so much we have done whatever he is comfortable with. We have a long way to go however he is doing incredible.
He often takes flight and laps the living room a number of times before landing on his cage, i love watching how effortless flying is to him. Mind you them wings give off some wind as he passes over your head 😂

Now bo can fly who are we to stop him? He will do what he wants haha. If you are leaving the room and he wants to come, boom african grey on your head/shoulder wherever he fancies landing.
Massive difference to our parrotlet landing on us haha!

Bo is very confident in flying to us, now i want him to be comfortable in flying from us too. Going to start trying to get him to make small flights to his java stand or even from our arm to his cage. We have a table top one at the moment and have noticed scarlett parrots is doing a midi java tree i between the both sizes so when they are in stock we are ordering one of them to give him an extra landing spot and playground.

I am really happy with him, i was so worried because he was clipped very bad his wings wouldn’t come back in or he wouldn’t be able to fly, thankfully he is incredible and proved me wrong!
I am just now dealing with a very independent, strong, stubborn but loving bundle of feathers 😂♥
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