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Hi there...and welcome to The Parrot Club Forum.

I'm into birds of all sorts...the ones that visit the bird feeders in my garden, the buzzards who fly high on the thermals from the hill.......Puffins fascinate me, as do gannets, penguins, albatrosses and toucans, and of course parrots. 

Parrots are amazing creatures, such diverse types across the continents, sizes, shapes, colours,! It's an ambition to go and see them in the wild, in their natural habitat...maybe I'll get there one day.

As for Companion birds, well I've been owned and bossed around by a Blue Crowned Conure for more than 26'll know what they look like if you've seen the film 'Paulie'...... and currently there's a young Amazon taking up lots of attention and doing lots of playing games, so I keep up to date on tips by checking out the pinned posts in our training section.

We have a great flock of members here, and all try and help out if anyone has a question or problem; there's lots of useful info in pinned posts across the pull yourself up a comfy perch and have a look round.
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