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This afternoon dear old Tommy passed away.
He had been out sitting with me and been back on his cage about 40 mins or so, I was doing things, heard him shouting so went & looked and his foot was literally pouring in blood absolutely everywhere. Alan managed to
catch him in a towel & wrap him we put him on kitchen table and I covered the area with flour, but it was pouring out. When we though it had eased put him in the cat carrier instead of travel cage as its more confined. He lay flat out as if he'd gone into shock which he probably had, after about 5mins he started making awful noise and died.
No time to get to vet or even phone them.

After Alan had a look at the underneath of his foot and it looked like it was cut/very sore. Difficult to tell but nothing sharp anywhere for him to cut it on. He is now buried alongside Jaffa & Squeaky. His cage had to be taken outside & jet washed as too much blood to wash off.
So now down to 4 parrots.
Sad and a great shock, we cannot believe it.

Michael Reynolds

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I am so sorry, what a nasty shock, fly free little Tommy you know you will be missed and always loved. say hello to the other loved parrots at rainbow bridge.


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I am so sorry to hear dear Tommy passed away. My thoughts are with you and Alan. Sending love and huggs to you both.

Fly free Tommy, you will very much be missed. Xxxx


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We are very sorry for yr loss of Tommy.
Such a character who will be very missed. I loved reading yr posts about him.
Thinking of u. Xxx


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Aww bless so sorry to read this :( fly free beloved Tommy xx
Deepest sympathy to you and Alan you must be heartbroken :broken-heart: huge hugs to you both
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